history vocab ch.17

  1. medieval
    another name for the Middle Ages
  2. monastaries
    communities of monks that followed a strict set fo rules. A church was common
  3. Eurasia
    The large landmass that includes both Europe and Asia; the boundary between these two continents are the Ural Mountains
  4. vassal
    A knight who promised to support a lord in exchange for land.
  5. serfs
    Workers who were tied to the land on which they lived; this group along with peasants made up the fourth level of the Feudal Society.
  6. monks
    Religous men who lived apart from socity isolated in communities.
  7. William the Conqueror
    After winning the battle in Hastings, this man declared himself King of England
  8. manor
    A large estate owned by a knight or lord; usually had a castle fields and forests.
  9. chivalry
    A code of honorable behavior for knights; it required them to be brave, loyal, humble and to always help others.Click to flip
  10. saint Patrick
    A missionary monk who brought the Word of God to Ireland.Click to flip
  11. Haiku
    short, three line poems of 17 syllables that describe nature; a Japanese inventionClick to flip
  12. Eleanor of Aquitaine
    A powerful woman hwo ruled a large territory in France. She married two kings, and her two eldest sons became kings.Click to flip
  13. Charlemagne
    A leader of the Franks who built a vast empire in France and Germany. Sometimes called "Charles the Great".Click to flip
  14. topography
    The shape and elevation of God's creation in a particular region.
  15. knights
    Warriors who fought on horseback; these men made up the third level of the Feudal Society.
  16. Benedict
    An influental Italian monk who created a set of rules for daily living in a monastary
  17. Feudalism
    The system of promises that governed the relationship between lords and vassals
  18. Middle Ages
    A period of God's history that lasted from 500 AD to 1500.
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