latin vocab 12

  1. adulēscēns, -centis
    m. and f. young man or woman
  2. annus, annī 
    m. year
  3. Asia, -ae
    f. Asia (Asia Minor)
  4. Caesar, Caesaris
    m. Caesar, kaiser, etc
  5. māter, mātris
    f. mother
  6. medicus, -ī
    medica, -ae
    doctor, physician
  7. pater, patris
    m. father
  8. patientia, patientiae
    • f. suffering
    • patience, endurance
  9. prīncipium, -ī
    n. beginning
  10. acerbus, -a, -um
    harsh, bitter, grevious
  11. prō + abl
    in front of, before, on behalf of, for the sake of, in return for, instead of, for, as
  12. diū
    adv. long, for a long time
  13. nūper
    adv. recently
  14. āmittō, āmittere
    • āmīsī, āmissum
    • to send away, lose, let go
  15. cadō, cadere
    • cecidī, cāsūrum
    • to fall
  16. creō, creāre
    • creāvī, creātum
    • to create
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