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  1. Section 1 is known as the Lords _______ to the D&C.
  2. Section 1 is a voice of _________ to all the people.
  3. What does the SWORD and ARM of the Lord represent?
    • SWORD- Destruction & Judgments to be poured upon the wicked.
    • ARM- denotes the power or strength of the Lord
  4. In the latter days, the gospel will be proclaimed to all the world and the mighty aqnd strong of the earth will be broken down. Who does the Lord say he will chose to break down the mighty and strong ones of the earth?
    The WEAK and SIMPLE! (despised) he couldnt use the great and mighty ones because they were full of too much pride.
  5. In section 1 the Lord testifies that the commandments and revelations found in the Doctrine and Covenants are true and faithful and that all the prophecies and promises found therein will be fulfilled. Therefore, what does the Lord command us to do with these scriptures?
    We must search them faithfully and diligently because we will be judged according to them.
  6. What is the arm of flesh?
    The weakness and imperfections of men
  7. What does it mean that the Lord is no respecter of persons?
    It means that the Lord doesnt play favorties. HE imparts the blessings of forgiveness and love to ALL that will turn to him and repent.
  8. Section 2 was the first revelation, chronologically, recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants. It contains the message of _______ and prophesies that _______, an Old Testament prophet, will reveal or restore priesthood authority.
    Malachi and Elijah
  9. What priesthood authority did that Old Testament prophet restore to the earth?
    The authority to bind and seal on earth as well as in heaven
  10. Why was that Old Testament prophet chosen to restore priesthood authority to the earth?
    He was the last person to hold the sealing power in ancient Israel.
  11. Who are the fathers and who are the children referred to in section 2?
    The fathers are the dead who died without the opportunity to receive the Gospel. The children are those that are preparing geneological data to temples.
  12. In section 3, _________ was called a wicked man because ____________.
    Martin Harris, he tried to counsel with God and didnt guard the manuscripts.
  13. What were Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery trying to learn when they received section 7?
    If John the Beloved was alive or dead.
  14. What does it mean to have power over death?
    Death is put on hold and these people become translated beings.
  15. When the 116 pages were lost, what did the Lord tell Joseph Smith to do about it?
    He was not to retranslate the same passage from the same plates. Rather, he was to translate the same story from a different set of plates.
  16. What is the major theme of section 4
    The great and Marvelous work (missionary work)
  17. According to George Albert Smith, the 8th President of the Church, the two most important missions we have on this earth are _____________ and ______________.
    To keep the commandments; to teach the commandments to others
  18. Section 4:5-6 describe 13 attributes that qualify us for the work. Which two attributes are mentioned twice?
    Faith and charity
  19. Section 11 is a revelation to Hyrum Smith, who wanted to teach or declare God’s word to others. However, what did the Lord tell him he needed to do first?
    Wait until you have my word, my rock, my church, and my gospel that you may know of a surety of my doctrine. Keep my commandments. Hold your peace, appeal to the spirit.
  20. What does it mean to “say nothing but repentance unto this generation?”
    Whatever we do or teach, it should inspire people to repent.
  21. What was the “gift” Hyrum Smith was promised?
    a tender, sympathetic heart; a merciful spirit
  22. The word “rock” as used in the scriptures can mean three things. What are they?
  23. In section 12, Joseph Knight, Sr. was told that no one can assist in doing God’s work unless he is humble. In commenting on that quality, President Kimball taught us how to become humble. What did he say would help us the most to maintain humility and to recognize our constant dependence upon the Lord?
  24. Besides keeping the commandments, what else was David Whitmer told he must do to have eternal life?
    Endure to the end.
  25. The Lord told David Whitmer that, if he was faithful, he would have the privilege of standing as a witness. For David, what did that mean?
    Becoming one of the 3 witnesses.
  26. Who are the Gentiles referred to in section 14?
    All who are not Jews.
  27. What does the Lord’s declaration, “mine arm is over all the earth” mean?
    It represents the Lord's strength, power, and authority.
  28. John and Peter Whitmer both wanted to know the thing that would of be most worth for them to do. What did the Lord tell them?
    Declare repentance and bring souls to Christ.
  29. What is the law of witnesses?
    By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.
  30. Name the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon.
    Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, Martin Harris
  31. In section 5:5-15, the Lord made a connection between his testimony of the Book of Mormon and the testimony of Joseph Smith and the 3 witnesses. Their testimonies are the same—the Book of Mormon is true. Those who will not believe the testimony of the 3 witnesses will not believe the testimony of Joseph Smith. Those who will not believe the testimony of Joseph Smith will not believe the Lord’s testimony. For unbelievers, the Lord said it would not even matter if they were shown the plates. They still would not believe. Those who accept the testimonies of the Lord and his special witnesses do not need to see the plates to believe. Then, in verses 16-20, the Lord declares that those who will not believe the testimonies of these witnesses will be condemned. But, to those who do believe on their words, the Lord promises two blessings. Name them.
    They will receive a witness that it is true; they will be born again.
  32. Section 5 came at the request of one of the future 3 witnesses of the Book of Mormon. What did the Lord tell him was the biggest thing keeping him from becoming a witness?
  33. Besides the Book of Mormon plates, what other four things were Joseph Smith and the three witnesses shown?
    Breastplate, sword of Laban, Urim and Thumim, and the Liahahona
  34. What did the Lord tell the 3 witnesses he would require them to do if they were shown the plates?
    Testify to the world that the Book of Mormon is true.
  35. According to the student manual, what is a “mystery?”
    A Mystery is a truth that cannot be known except through divine relation- a sacred secret
  36. True or False: Satan CAN discern our thoughts.
  37. True or False: In their true and full meaning, the words salvation, exaltation, and eternal life are synonymous.
  38. According to section 8, revelation comes to both the _________ and the _________.
    Mind; heart
  39. What was the “gift of Aaron,” bestowed upon Oliver Cowdery?”
    Whatever he asked should be granted if asked in faith and was the spokesman to Joseph Smith
  40. Drawing from section 9:3-11, identify three reasons why Oliver Cowdery failed in his attempt to translate the Book of Mormon.
    • 1. He started out on the right path, but did not continue on it.
    • 2. He failed to do his part and study things out.
    • 3. He feared.
  41. Section 13 deals with the restoration of the Aaronic priesthood to  Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. Who restored the Aaronic priesthood?
    John the Baptist
  42. The Aaronic priesthood was restored in __________ by ___________.
    May 15, 1829 by John the Baptist
  43. The Aaronic priesthood holds all of the following keys, EXCEPT
    • *Keys of the knowledge of God.
    • Keys of baptism.
    • Keys of the ministering of angels.
    • Keys of the gospel of repentance.
  44. True or False: The blood sacrifice of animals will once again be restored in the Latter-days.
  45. Section 27, in part, deals with what ordinance?
  46. The scriptures speak of an “Elias” who will restore all things. According  to Elder Bruce R. Mcconkie, which of the following best represents who “Elias” is?
    All who have restored keys and powers to the earth.
  47. In section 27, we are counseled to put on the “whole armor of god.” Identify the seven elements that comprise that armor and what each represents.
    Loins girth with truth, breastplate of righteousness, feet shod with preparation of the gospel of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, sword of my spirit, his word?
  48. What does it mean to be called with the “calling of Paul?”
    Men would be given the same powers and authority that the Lord gave anciently to Paul
  49. What is the “church of the devil?”
    Any church or organization—whether political, philosophical, educational, economic, social, or religious—designed to lead people away from God.
  50. What responsibility, described in section 18, did the Lord give to Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, and later to Martin Harris?
    To choose the original Twelve apostles.
  51. What is meant by the Lord’s names, “Alpha” and “Omega”?
    The beginning and the end. The author and preserver of ALL things (greek)
  52. True or False: The phrase “end of the world” means the end of the earth.
  53. True or False: The phrases eternal punishment and endless punishment refer to God’s punishment and not to a punishment that will last forever. God will require individuals to remain in hell only until they are prepared for something better.
  54. True or False: Section 19 teaches that, in performing the Atonement, Christ trembled and suffered both body and spirit, from pain. Though his pain was literal and incomprehensible, the statement that he bled at every pore should be interpreted as a metaphorical or figurative description of his pain, rather than a literal experience.
  55. On the day the Church was organized, the “articles and covenants of the  church” were read to the members and unanimously accepted as revelation. Of what was the “articles and covenants” comprised?
    Sections 20 and 22.
  56. The Church was organized on
    April 6, 1830.
  57. In which section of the Doctrine and Covenants can you find the blessings on the sacrament?
    Section 20
  58. What is the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost?
    Receiving the Holy Ghost and a remisison of sins
  59. Insection 21, the Lord promised 3 special blessings to those who “receive” the Lord’s servants or, in other words, follow the prophets. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
    • The powers of darkness will be disperse.
    • The gates of hell will not prevail over us.
    • *Satan will be bound and have no power to tempt us.
    • The heavens will shake for our good.
  60. What is the “new and everlasting covenant?”
    The entire gospel
  61. No one can serve in the Church in any capacity without the sustaining vote of the people. This is according to what law?
    Common consent
  62. True or False: Suppose you are in a sacrament meeting and the Stake President presents the name of someone to serve as bishop of your ward. In asking for a sustaining vote from the congregation, very few hands are raised. When he asks for a contrary vote, most of the hands are raised. If that were to happen, it would not prevent them man from serving as bishop because he was called and recommended by the Stake President.
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