History Test 2

  1. As conditions in England worsened, increasing numbers of people left England in what was called...
    The Great Migration
  2. Jamestown Hardships?
    • Hunger
    • Disease
    • Saltwater Poisoning¬†
    • Fear
  3. Explain Puritan Education
    • The government of Massachusetts required all colonists to atten church and collect taxes to support it.¬†
    • It formed:
    • an education system
    • regulated people's moral behavior
    • they read from the bible so itd keep the devil out of their minds
  4. Who made growing tobacco in Jamestwon possible?
    John Rolfe
  5. He used a charter to start a colony as a refuge for Puritans. "A city upon a hill"
    John Winthrop
  6. What were the puritans and pilgrims also called?
  7. Who made the Mayflower Compact?
    The pilgrims
  8. Who broke away from the Angelican Church to start their own congregation?
    The Puritans
  9. Who fled to Holland but was unhappy there and decided to immigrate to America?
  10. Those whose religious beliefs differed from the majority's were considered a threat to the community.
  11. The elements of a Puritan "Model Community"
    A general court made the laws and elected the colony's govener

    The general court was made of freemen
  12. Puritans physical punishments?
    • Whipping
    • Death by hanging
    • Metal needle (pierce tongue)
    • Stocks
  13. Document signed by 41 men church members on the mayflower, to create authority.
    The mayflower compact
  14. It protected the rights of all Christians to practice their religion in Maryland
    Toleration Act of 1649
  15. What were some of the Quaker beliefs?
    • Men and Women were Equal
    • Had meetins where people rose to speak
    • Personal direct communication with God
    • No War
  16. Roger Williams beliefs on Government?
    • Religious Tolerance
    • Church and government should be separate
    • Everyone was equal
  17. Who was imprisoned by King James?
  18. Explain the founding of New York
    King Charles II gave New York to the Duke of York. It was taken from the Dutch.
  19. How was William Penn given Pennsylvania?
    He was granted a large and valuaale tract of land in North America in payment for the debt owed to his father
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