Anatomy Introduction

  1. divides body into right and left half
    Median or Sagital plane Image Upload 1
  2. divides body into front and back 
    coronal or frontal plane Image Upload 2
  3. divides the body to upper and lower portions
    Horizontal or transverse plane Image Upload 3
  4. a line through the center of a body head to feet
    vertical or Longitudinal AxisImage Upload 4
  5. a line across the center of the body (arm to arm )
    Horizontal or transverse axisImage Upload 5
  6. axis from front to back
    Anteroposterior axis Image Upload 6
  7. face forward, palm forward
    Anatomical Position
  8. towards the head
  9. towards the buttocks
  10. toward the center of the body
  11. toward the surface of the body
  12. toward the back
  13. toward the ront/abdoman
  14. Inside the bony or hollow cavity or organ
  15. Outside the boney or hollow cavity or organ
  16. Nearness to, or remoteness from
  17. inward or outward bulgings
    Invagination/ Evagination
  18. The same or opposite sides
    Ipsilateral/ Contralateral 
  19. The movement takes place on a transverse axis and is a movement that a joint decreases its angle
    Flexion Image Upload 7
  20. takes place about a transverse axis and is a movement in which a joint increases its angle
    Extension Image Upload 8
  21. takes place on a anteroposterior axis when an arm is taken sideways away from the body 
    AbductionImage Upload 9
  22. takes place on a anteroposterior axis when an arm is returned to its position along the body 
    AdductionImage Upload 10
  23. Movement that takes place about a longitudinal axis 
  24. the movement of the lateral border of the foot is lifted up 
    Image Upload 11
  25. when the medial border of the foot is lifter up 
    inversion Image Upload 12
  26. when hand is abducted and adducted from the anatomical position 
    Radial/Ulna deviation Image Upload 13
  27. at the ankle joint the movement of extension and flexion 
    Dorsi and Planter flexion Image Upload 14
  28. when the fore arm rotates on its longitudinal axis so the elbow is flexed to a right  palm up and palm down 
    Supination/ Pronation Image Upload 15
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