1. Exceptions allowing police to search without warrants
    • consent
    • hot pursuit
    • exigency
    • plain fiew
    • inventory
    • abandoned property
    • open fields
    • private citizen search
    • boarder search
    • administrative
  2. consent
    given by home owner
  3. hot pursuit
    chasing suspect to home after oberved a felony
  4. exigency
    enter to help people in home to save a life
  5. plain view
    traffic stop --> sees illigal item sitting out in car
  6. inventory
    arrestees property is inventoried/searched
  7. abandoned property
    no owner, police can enter
  8. private citizen search
    • citizen searches anothers property and turns contraban into police
    • police can not ask a citizen to do this, must be done on their own vilition
  9. border search
    able to do this in the interest of national security
  10. administrative search
    businesses (that sell alcohol)/schools can be searched at any time
  11. Terry vs. Ohio
    if an officer believes a crime is about to be commited, he is allowed to search the suspect's outer clothing
  12. Chimel vs. California
    • the lunge area rule
    • when arresting an individual, can only search in immediate area of individual after arrest
  13. Minnesota vs. Dickerson
    • established "plain feel"
    • if performing a Terry frisk and a weapon is found, it can be seized
  14. Delaware vs. Prouse
    police can't radomly stop motorists to check license/registration without probable cause
  15. Mapp vs. Ohio
    evidence collected by violating 4th ammendment rights must be excluded from trial
  16. Escrobedo vs. Illinois
    when suspect is being accused of commiting a crime, they have the right to talk to their attorney
  17. Miranda vs. Arizona
    officers must read miranda rights
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