Wordly Wise book 7 lesson 5

  1. Acrimony (n)
    Bitterness or sharpness of temper, manner, speech; hostility
  2. Affinity (n)
    An attraction for someone or something with which one feels a closeness or kinship
  3. Ambivalent (adj)
    • Having mixed, often opposing feelings anout someone or something
    • Ex.
    • He was ambivalent feelings about his future, for he could not decide what to do.
  4. Cessation (n)
    • A stopping, either final or temporary
    • Ex.
    • There was a cessation of mail during a severe snowstorm.
  5. Emaciated (adj)
    • Very thin or wasted away, espescially from lack of nourishment; scrawny
    • Ex.
    • His emaciated form told me all about his ways of living.
  6. Enclave (n)
    • A distinct region or community enclosed withing a larger territory
    • Ex.
    • Chinatown is an enclave of Chinese American people.
  7. Engender (v)
    • To bring into being; to produce
    • Ex.
    • Honesty engenders trust in others.
  8. Exacerbate (v)
    • To make more severe, bitter, or violent
    • Ex.
    • The gym class exacerbated the boy's injury.
  9. Illicit (adj)
    Not allowed, improper, or unlawful
  10. Indigenuous (adj)
    • Naturally growing or living in a certain area; native
    • Ex.
    • The indigenuous species are being overrun by foreign ones.
  11. Inexorable (adj)
    • Not to be persuaded, stopped, or moved by entreaty or plea; relentless
    • Ex.
    • The inexorable movement of the destruction of rainforests is concerning environmentalists.
  12. Infatuated (adj)
    Filled with excessive, shallow, or foolish love or desire for someone or something
  13. Insatiable (adj)
    Never satisfied; greedy
  14. Poignant (adj)
    • Painfully moving, affecting, or touching
    • Ex.
    • The poignant play brought tears to the audience's eyes.
  15. Proselytize (v)
    • To convert someone to a belief, faith, or cause
    • Ex.
    • The political campains are all about proselytizing people to their cause.
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