Police Admin Midterm Review

  1. What were the four primary criminal justice officers
    • Sheriff
    • Constable
    • Coroner
    • Justice of peace
  2. What was the sheriff's original job
    To maintain law and order in the tithings
  3. What were the duties of the constable
    • Collecting taxes
    • Supervising highways
    • Serving as magistrate
  4. How far back are constables traced
  5. How far back is the justice of peace traced
    1195 in England
  6. Frankpledge
    A system that required every male above the age of 12 to form a group with nine of his neighbors
  7. Who was Patrick Colquhoun
    • A London magistrate
    • Focused on police reform
  8. What were the three eras of policing
    • Political
    • Reform
    • Community
  9. Who was Sir Robert Peel
    • A wealthy member of parliament
    • Constructed the metropolitan police act of 1829
    • Constructed peel's nine principles of policing
  10. When did NY state legislature establish a full time police force
    In 1844
  11. In 1950 what city became the leader of the reform era
    Los Angeles police department
  12. Justice of peace got paid based on
  13. What were the two crime waves during the 1600's
    • Quaker/Puritan conflict
    • Salem witch trials
  14. When was the Political Era
  15. What four groups assumed responsibility for law enforcement
    • Private citizens
    • U.S marshalls
    • Businessmen
    • Town police officers
  16. When was the Reform Era
  17. When was the community era
    1980s to present
  18. Who was Henry Fielding
    Appointed chief magistrate of Bow street in London
  19. Sheriff comes from the term
    • shire reeve
    • shire meaning county
    • reeve meaning agent of the king
  20. Posse comitatus
    Allowed the sheriff to deputize common citizens to assist in the capture of outlaws
  21. How many tithings are in a shire
  22. Who is considered the father of American policing
    August Vollmer
  23. Who was responsible for putting radio in the police cars
    August Vollmer
  24. Who is August Vollmer
    • Town marshall of Berkeley California
    • Police School
    • Patroling on bicycles
    • Police as social workers
  25. Who was the leading authority on police administration
    O.W Wilson
  26. What was the redefinition of the police role with O.W Wilson
    The crime fighter image gained popularity
  27. What is the Wickersham Commission
    First National study of crime and criminal justice
  28. What were some of the recommendations of the Wickersham Commission
    • Testing of patrol officers
    • Decent salaries and working conditions
    • Use of policewomen,, crime prevention units
  29. Who was responsible for focusing on police as crime fighters
    William H.Parker
  30. What were some of the accomplishments of William H.Parker
    • Transformed the LAPD
    • Viewed police as thin blue line
  31. What predominated the late 1960s and 1970s
    Civil rights movement
  32. President's crime commission
    National commission focusing on solutions to America's internal crime problems
  33. What recommendations came through the President's crime commission
    • Hiring more minority officers
    • Better educated officers
    • College educated supervisors
    • Rigorous screening
  34. What brought policing back to the policies of Robert Peel
    President's crime commission
  35. What were some of the policies of the Community Era
    • Team policing
    • Foot patrol became popular
    • Problem oriented approach to policing
  36. What are some of the factors to the demise of professional era
    • Increased cultural diversity
    • Increased violence in the society
    • Increased dependence on high-tech equipment
    • Increased concern about police violation of the civil rights of minorities
  37. What are the four primary law enforcement organizations
    • FBI
    • ATF
    • DEA
    • USMS
  38. When was the DHS activated
    January 2003
  39. Who is the department of justice headed by
    Attorney general
  40. USMS
    The US Marshall Service
  41. ATF
    The Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco,Firearms and Explosives
  42. DEA
    Drug Enforcement Administration
  43. FBI
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
  44. The witness protection program is under the operation of what organization
  45. SWAT
    Special weapons and tactics
  46. Name one of the largest federal law enforcement agencies
    • CBP
    • U.S Customs and Border Protection
  47. What does the 4th amendment entail
    The right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures but upon probable cause
  48. What does the 5th amendment entail
    • Double jeopardy
    • Nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself
  49. How many amendments are there
  50. What does the 8th amendment entail
    Excessive bail should not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted
  51. What does the 14th amendment entail
    Its Due Process Clause prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without certain steps being taken to ensure fairness
  52. What does the 6th amendment entail
    The accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and pulic trial
  53. What is another name for the 14th amendment
    Doctrine of corperation
  54. Gideon v. Wainwright
    The Supreme cout mandated that all indigent charged with felonies in state courts be provided counsel
  55. Terry v Ohio
    The police have the authority to detain a person briefly for questioning if they believe that the person committed a crime or is about to commit a crime
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