1. What
    What I did was create one two songs. One is an original piece entitled a prelude of a nightmare, and the other is a revised rearranged pieces of a song that I used to play a lot when I was younger called eternity memories of light waves.
  2. Why
    Why I chose to use music as my catalyses for conveying the different mood of the play is that I feel that music is something demands feelings from its audience and what better way to present a presentation that is about feeling then thought a medium that I feel will make one feel what I am talking about
  3. Context of Enlightenment
    This part of the play is when Hally is being to do his homework and is talking to Sam about great social reformers. They are in the diner and Sam suggest a great candidate for Hally which sparks his interest and they go on to talk about it and also what measure a man intelligence.
  4. Explanation of Enlightenment
    I believe he is talking about Leo Tolstoy who a Great Russian writer and thinker who educated the people about the government and who was a just an overall unorthodox thinker.
  5. Context of Happy
    This part of the navel is after the first phone call from Hally’s mom. During this scene Hally is talking with Sam and Willie and reminiscing on the good times that they had while Hally was a little boy growing up in the dinner.
  6. Explanation of Happy
    This scene is happy because Hally recall as one of his fond memories that he had when he was a little boy living in the diner and having Sam and Willie around to be the people he would go to in order to find solace.
  7. Context of anger
    This is beginning of the play where Sam and Willie are in the dinner cleaning getting ready for closing. Willie has entered a dance competition and is very unhappy with the attendance of his dance partner Hilda. Being told by Sam that he must have more romance in his step makes him lash out with sets up the mood or this part of the play.
  8. Elements
    Diction was the primary element that was used in this quote. We all know the connotation of being called a “fuckin whore” and we all know the mood of the environment in which words like these are said. Willie also goes on to call Hilda a Bitch with also has a negative connotation which is also something to be said when the mood of the atmosphere is that of anger.
  9. End Why
    • Enlightenment: knowledge power-chose most turbulent part of song
    • Happy: chose lightest part of the song because it was the softest mood of the play. You can hear soft in the dynamics
    • Anger: Why low notes and minor chords it was help portray this dark angry feeling this scene had
  10. Thematic Idea
    Based on mood alone I feel that the author of the plays thematic idea is that mood greatly affect the direction in which a piece of work will go.
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