1. brown eyes
    hazel eyes
  2. an older woman who is plump
    matronly (adj.) [ˈmeɪtrənlɪ]
  3. a beard stubble that is visible late in the day
    a five o'clock shadow
  4. well-rounded and full in form , chubby
  5. a woman who has remained single beyond the conventional age for marrying.
  6. so deeply affected by love as to be unable to act normally
  7. to treat (another) in a way that discourages independent thought or action, as by overindulgence
    to spon-feed sb
  8. one drink for each person in a gathering or group

    Let me buy the next round.
  9. to dislike (someone or something) greatly
    to loathe [ləʊθ]

    • I loathe to go on such short notice.
  10. to have as property; own.
    to possess

    The thought of getting rich possessed him.
  11. mad, crazy, foolish, stupid, silly
  12. very quickly and unexpectedly
    all of a sudden

    Is the grammatically correct version; do not say "all of the sudden."
  13. Concentrate on what you should be thinking about instead! [idiom]
    Get your head out of the clouds and watch where you are driving! You're going to kill us all.
  14. without too much thinking [idiom]
    off the top of (one's) head

    She recited the poem off the top of her head.

    • I don't know the answer off the top of my head.
  15. to speak sharply and angrily to someone
    to bite someone's head off for

    Don't bite his head off for that tiny mistake!
  16. to consult and plan together  [idiom]
    put heads together

    Let's put our heads together and solve this problem
  17. to be completely in love with somebody [idiom]
    • to be head over heels in love with sb
    • John is head over heels in love with Mary.

    They are head over heels in love with each other.
  18. to be a good and kind person even if they do not always seem to be [idiom]
    somebody's heart is in the right place

    Jerry's a bit annoying sometimes but his heart's in the right place.
  19. to make your feelings and opinions obvious to other people [idiom]
    to wear your heart on your sleeve

    John's always worn his heart on his sleeve, so there's no doubt who he'll be supporting.
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