history 17:2

  1. censorship
    • restricting access to ideas & information
    • caused philsophers to create satires
  2. salons
    informal social gatherings at which writers, artists, philosophes, ect. of any social class exchanged ideas
  3. baroque
    • ornate, bold style of painting
    • depicted religious & political figures/events
  4. rococo
    • light, elegant, & charming form of art
    • imaginative & pastel colors
  5. enlightened despots
    absolute rulers who used their power to bring about political & social change
  6. Fredrick the Great
    • king of Prusia w/tightly controlled gov
    • REFORM: allowed free press
    • REFORM: religious tolerance
    • REFORM: reduce use of torture
    • REFORM: reorganized gov
  7. Catherine the Great
    • empress of Russia
    • REFORM: abolished torture
    • REFORM: religious tolerance
    • REFORM: gave nobles charter of rights
  8. Joseph II
    • traveled in disguise to learn the problems of his subjects
    • REFORM: religious tolerance
    • REFORM: ended censorship, free press
    • REFORM: sold unused property to supporters of charity
    • REFORM: abolished serfdom
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