Doctrine of the Church

  1. History of LG
    • Supposed to be 1 document to describe churches inner life
    • 1st draft= 11 chapters and appendis- very heave in scholastic language
    • 2nd draft= 4 chapters
    • 3rd draft= exxpanded 4 to six and added 2 new chapters
  2. LG structure
    • Mystery of the Church
    • The people of God
    • The Church is Hierarchical
    • The Laity 
    • Pilgrim Church
    • Our Lady
  3. The Mystery of the Church
    • "mystery" portrayed as a sacrament 
    • church is seed of KOG
    • re-Casts teh relationship between the RCC and other Christian Churches
  4. The People of God
    • Note Positioning of chapter- before hierarchy!
    • everyone participates in Christs Priesthood
    • all participate in Christ's prophetic office
    • recognizes other denom. are Christian but not operating in fullness
  5. The church is Hierarchical
    • Bishops- teach , sanctify, Govern, Of Apostolic succession
    • Priests- consecrate image of Christ, help Bishops
    • Deacons- help out
  6. The Laity
    • Secular Ministry
    • Participate in Christ's priestly office
    • Participate in Christ's prophetic office
  7. Pilgrim church
    • Eschatological orientation
    • communion of saints 
    • solidarity btwn earth and heaven
    • Liturgy= church realized
  8. Our Lady
    • Mary's life in realtion to Salvation/ Christ= Mother of God
    • Model of Church: Mother and Virgin
    • Mary's life in relation to church - interceeds for us, advocates, helper, benefactress and mediator
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