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  1. Mauryans
    the nation who found the first Empire in India
  2. Chadragupta Mauryaka
    ruler of Mauryans; Mauryan Empire builder; conquered around Indus river and the West-Central India
  3. Ashoka
    • considered a model ruler of Mauryan;
    • Rock inscriptions of his edicts are the oldest deciphered Indian writing;
    • converted to Buddhism after Kalinga war;
    • Appointed "dharma officials"- to investigate public welfare
  4. Stupas
    Buddhist shrines in Bharhut and Sanchi; example of Buddhism art
  5. Sanskrit
    Panini's grammar
  6. Manhabharata
    a masterpiece of Sanskrit and an epic
  7. Bhagavad Gita
    most influential religion texts of all Indian 
  8. Hinduism
    • religion of India; three major development shaping in Hindu:
    • the consolidation of the caste system
    • the increasing dominance of theistic devotionalism(the cults)
    • the intellectual reconciliation of those development with toe older ascetic
  9. Caste system
    a class system in India
  10. Buddhism
    a religion that focuses on he quest for Nirvana and the "extraordianry norm"
  11. Alexander
    policy of linking Hellenes with Iranians in political power, marriage, and culture bore fruit more lasting than empire. 
  12. Seleucids
    emphasis on building Greek-style cities as Hellenistic culture
  13. Indo-Greeks of Bactria
    • Bactria's Greek satrap broke away from the Seleucids
    • Bactria and the sccessors were major role of spreading Buddhism from India to Central Asia
    • Millinda(Bactria's successor)- "The Questions of King Millinda"(a religious text in Buddhism)
  14. Steppe peoples
    Nomadic tribes people who dwelled on the Eurasian plains from Eastern Europe to the borders of China and Iran. 
  15. Parthians
    • Under Mithradates I, emerged as a New Eurasian Empire
    • - silk road
  16. Silk road
    trade road from China to the Indan Ocean coast
  17. Sakas
    Scythians tribes; overran Northeastern Iran; was defeated by Kushan tribes
  18. Kushans: Kanishka
    King of Kushan kingdom of India; he was the greatest patron of Buddhism; influenced China to be Buddhism.
  19. Brahman
    the highest top dog group of Caste System
  20. Siddharta Gautama, the Buddha
    the founder of Buddhism
  21. Samsara[reincarnation]
  22. karma
    a moral as well as physical economy in which every act has unavoidable results
  23. Vishu and Shiva
    the primary forms in which the Supreme Lord ws worshipped; goddess figure in Hinduism
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