1. Teen Characters: Nerd
    Seek Transformation
  2. Teen Characters: Delinquent
    Express Anger
  3. Teen Characters: Rebel
    Resist Conformity
  4. Teen Characters: Popular
    Seek Notoriety
  5. Teen Characters: Athletes
    Show Sensitivity
  6. Male Gaze:
    • 1. Camera is male eye.
    • 2. Male desire is in control.
    • 3. Female is objectified, especially body parts (abs, breast, butt)
  7. The Phallic Women: (Ig Betty Page and Col. Klebb)
    • 1. The Phallic Symbol (penis like)
    • 2. Possesses male characteristic
    • 3. Threatens male power
  8. How is Col. Klebb a Phallic Women?
    • 1. The Phallic Symbol: riding crop, brass knuckles, in control.
    • 2. Possesses male characteristic: military uniform, hits on women, not pretty
    • 3. Threatens male power: high rank(col.), brass knuckles, has power.
  9. The Female Gaze:
    • 1. Females posses the gaze (do the looking)
    • 2. Women enjoy/control their own bodies &/or sexuality
    • 3. Bodies are not just for looks (emphasize maternal function, strength, and power)
    • * Is not sexual
  10. How is the Famle Gaze Displayed in "Real Women Have Curves"?
    • 1. Females possess the gaze: Anna looks at herself in the miror after showering. When Anna make Jimmy look at her before sex.
    • 2. Women enjoy their bodies: factory scene- sharing stories, buying and using condoms, Anna calls Jimmy out for looking at her breasts, turning on lights during sex, verbal about losing virginity.
    • 3. Bodies are not just for looks: C-section scar- a maternal function
  11. How does Anna represent a Hybrid od Cultural Identity?
    Shes bilingual, color- Latina, embraces body, first in family to attend college, old world/new world
  12. Feminisim is...
    The belief in the social political and economic equality of the sexes.

    The movement organized around this belief..
  13. Romantic Comedies Contain:
    • countership, coupling, falling in love.
    • response to ideas about sexuality and gender
  14. Fast Talking Dames:
    • 1. Intelligent (often a proffessional or career woman- iintelligense)
    • 2. Pretty, sexy
    • 3. Fast talkers- quick witted, has good communication
    • 4. In control of sexuality("loose" according to the 30's/40's morals)
    • 5. Physically agile(slapstick- often used to diffuse sexual tension in films of this time)
  15. Romantic Comedy Conventions: Henderson
    • Conflicted desire- "I love him but I hate him"
    • Romantic awkwardness- a failed kiss
    • Internal & external barriers bloking the path to true love- Religious views, race, family
    • A marked contrast in persona and sensibility- love makes/drives you crazy
    • Happy ending- and they lived happily ever after
  16. Sexuality is...
    who one is sexually attracted to (bi-, homo, hetero)
  17. Gender Identity is...
    whether one considers oneself male, female, or a mixture (transgender and transsexual)

    there is a spectrum of gender expressions between masculine and feminine
  18. The Bechdel Test
    • Must contain:
    • - 2 named women
    • - the women have to talk to each other
    • - the women have to talk about something non-male related
  19. The term Male Power:
    can be best defined as historical, political, legal, ecomonic, cultural, and social forces that enable some men to exercise power over others.
  20. Male Gaze vs. Femal Gaze
    In the MALE GAZE, the female body is objectified, whereas the FEMALE GAZE emphasizes maternal function, strength, and power of the female body.
  21. "[...]" tend to ignore, when they do not openly mock traditional notions of respectable femininity." - DiBattista
    The Fast Talking Dames
  22. Anna's mother showing her c-section scar in "Real Women Have Curves"
    Female Gaze
  23. Amanda (Katherine Hepburn) in "Adam's Rib"
    The Fast Talking Dame
  24. Cheerleaders jumping/cheering in "But I'm a Cheerleader"
    Male Gaze
  25. Colonel Klebb in "From Russia With Love"
    The Phallic Woman
  26. Brian Johnson in "Breakfast Club"
    The Nerd
  27. Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) dancing in "Sin City" clip
    Male Gaze
  28. Megan's conflicted desire in "But I'm a Cheerleader"
    Convention of Romantic Comedy
  29. Claire in "Breakfast Club"
    The popular student
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