AP World History

  1. What is a social hierarchy?
    A social structure that puts specfic people/types of people above others, usually with one head.
  2. Who was usually at the top of the hierarchy at this point?
    The slaves/labors/women were beneath the elites/royals/men
  3. What is patricarchy?
    A social system favoring men and giving them rights over women.
  4. How were civilizations ruled?
    They were mostly ruled by a single king who gave authroity to specfic people.
  5. What role did religion play in most societies?
    Most societies center their capitals based on religion. Often times preists had high authority and were sometime the king as well
  6. Which core civilizations were known for interregional warfare?
    Mesotpotamia had the most warring city-states
  7. Which area of primary urbanization didn't have a unified political structure?
    • Mesopotamia
    • Niger Valley
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