Ther. ex. 1

  1. What are the goals for active range of motion ex?
    • maintain muscle elasticity and contractility
    • provide sensory feedback from contracting muscles
    • provide a stimulus for bone and joint tissue integrity
    • increase circulation
    • prevent thrombus formation
    • Develop coordination and motor skills
  2. What are the indications for active ROM ex?
    • a pt can actively contract the muscles
    • pt has weak musculature
    • for aerobic conditioning program
    • to mobilize segments above and below an immobilized region
  3. What are the indications for passive ROM ex?
    • Pt is unable or not supposed to actively move a segment
    • Pt has acute, inflammed tissue
  4. What are the goals for passive ROM ex?
    • maintain joint and connective tissue mobility
    • minimize contractures
    • maintain elasticity of muscle
    • assist circulation and vascular dynamics
    • enhance synovial movement
    • assist with the healing process
    • help maintain the pt's awareness of the movement
  5. What are the precautions and contraindications of ROM ex?
    • Should not be performed when motion is disruptive to the healing process
    • ROM should not be performed when the pt's response or condition is life threatening
  6. What is therapeutic exercise?
    • planned performance that allows a patient to:
    • remediate or prevent impairment
    • restore or enhance physical function
    • prevent or reduce health-related risk factors
    • optimize overall health status, fitness or sense of well being
  7. What are the aspects of physical function?
    • Balance
    • Cardiopulmonary fitness
    • Coordination
    • Flexibility
    • Mobility
    • Muscle performance
    • Neuromuscular control
    • Postural control, postural stability, and equilibrium
    • Stability
  8. What are the types of therapeutic exercises?
    • Aerobic conditioning
    • Strength, power, and endurance exercises
    • Stretching
    • Stabilization exercises
    • Postural control and balance training
    • Relaxation exercises
    • Breathing exercises and ventilatory muscle training
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