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  1. What were the four primary criminal justice officers
    • Sheriff
    • Constable
    • Coroner
    • Justice of peace
  2. What was the sheriff's original job
    To maintain law and order in the tithings
  3. What were the duties of the constable
    • Collecting taxes
    • Supervising highways
    • Serving as magistrate
  4. How far back are constables traced
  5. How far back is the justice of peace traced
    1195 in England
  6. Frankpledge
    A system that required every male above the age of 12 to form a group with nine of his neighbors
  7. Who was Patrick Colquhoun
    • A London magistrate
    • Focused on police reform
  8. What were the three eras of policing
    • Political
    • Reform
    • Community
  9. Who was Sir Robert Peel
    • A wealthy member of parliament
    • Constructed the metropolitan police act of 1829
    • Constructed peel's nine principles of policing
  10. When did NY state legislature establish a full time police force
    In 1844
  11. In 1950 what city became the leader of the reform era
    Los Angeles police department
  12. What are the four primary law enforcement organizations
    • FBI
    • ATF
    • DEA
    • USMS
  13. ATF
    The Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco,Firearms and Explosives
  14. DEA
    Drug Enforcement Administration
  15. FBI
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
  16. USMS
    The US Marshall Service
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