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  1. symptoms of esophageal cancer?
    • asymptomatic in early stages
    • dysphagia
    • substernal, epigastric, back pain
    • sore throat, hoarseness
    • weight loss
    • esophageal stenosis
  2. complications of esophageal cancer?
    • hemorrhage
    • esophageal perf
    • esophageal obstruction
    • metastasis
  3. how to diagnose esophageal cancer?
    • endoscopy US
    • biopsy
    • CT/MRI
  4. prognosis for esophageal CA?
    poor. due to usual late diagnosis (masked early symptoms)
  5. collaborative care for esophageal CA
    • endscopic ablation
    • surgical interventions: esophagectomy, esophagastrostomy, esophagoenterostomy
  6. patient comes back with what after esophageal surgeries
    single lumen nasogastric tube to intermittent suction
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