1. Phylum Echinodermata
    Dias animals males/ female
  2. Ossicles
    Tiny bones made of calcium carbonate skeleton of sand dollar.
  3. Pentaradial Symmetry
    everything is a multiple of five
  4. Madreporite Plate
    Water vascular system 
  5. ampullae
    controlCoco troll function of tube feet
  6. Stone Canal
    Contacts to ring canal
  7. Tube feet
    Are in ambulacral grooves (star fish) 
  8. Ambulacral
    Area where tube feet are located 
  9. Coelom
    Body cavity
  10. Peritoneum
    Propel Coelomic fluid 
  11. Dermal branchiae 
    Extension of the peritoneum works like tongues texture 
  12. Pedicellariae 
    Remove debri and protect
  13. Hemal system
    pulsates like an inefficient heart.
  14. Autonomy
    Ability to break off part or their own bodies 
  15. Class Asteroidea
    Sea stars arms thick at base
  16. Crown of Thorns 
    A predator of corals
  17. Class Ophiuroidea
    brittle star mostly filter feeders some ingest substrate some predators 
  18. Class Echinoidea
    Sea urchins sand dollars
  19. Aristotles lantern
    Operates five calcareous teeth
  20. Secondary bilateral symmetry
    In irregular urchins; second time bilateral has evolved
  21. Class Holothuroidea 
    Sea cucumbers 
  22. Oral tentacles 
    Tentacles around the mouth 
  23. Respiratory tree
    Connected to cloaca
  24. Cloaca
    Common opening of digestive and urinary tracts 
  25. Class Crinoidea 
    Sea Lillie's 
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