Biocore Ecology

  1. 2 Major components of the Theory of Evolution
    • 1. Descent with Modification
    • 2. Mechanism for Change
  2. Natural Selection
    Process that eliminates those individuals that are less likely to survive and reproduce in a particular environment. Allows other individuals that confer greater reproductive success to increase in numbers.
  3. Modern Synthesis
    Combines Darwin's theory with a modern understanding of the principles of inheritance
  4. Ecology
    The study of relationships between organisms or groups of organisms and their environment
  5. Ecosystem
    The biota, atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and their interconnections
  6. Climate
    Regional patterns of daily weather; pattern over time in one place
  7. Microclimate
    Local, site-specific weather phenomena
  8. Environment
    The setting within which an organism can function as a living system and outside of which it is no longer capable of living
  9. And organism is a _________(define)
    open system: exchange matter and energy with its surroundings
  10. Range of Tolerance
    The levels of an environmental factor within which an organism can live
  11. Optimum Range
    The levels of an environmental factor within which an organism performs best
  12. Ecological Niche
    The sum total of a species' relationship with the biotic and abiotic resources in its environment
  13. Evolutionary Adaptations
    An accumulation of inherited characteristics that enhance organisms' ability to survive and reproduce in specific environments
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