Bus 315 ch 2

  1. Environmental scanning is a:
  2. Planning process
  3. Job design and enrichment is an aspect of:
  4. Organizing process
  5. When engaging in job design or enrichment, a manager should consider:
  6. Personality in relation to work behavior
  7. Teams that experience unforeseen changes in their tasks do well if they are populated with people high in:
  8. Openness
  9. Conscientiousness is the one personality trait that uniformly predicts:
  10. How highly performance oriented a person will be
  11. People with which of the following trait may be effective leaders because they create a fair environment:
  12. Agreeableness
  13. Which one of the following Big Five personality traits is also referred to as “negative affect”?
  14. Neuroticism
  15. The best trait that predicts a person’s work performance is:
  16. Conscientiousness
  17. Personality does not change over long periods oftime
  18. There are only five traits that explainvariations in our personalities.
  19. Using self-report measures of performance may bethe best way of measuring someone’s personality.
  20. Selective perception is particularly important during the
  21. Planning process
  22. Biased visual perception may not necessarilylead to the wrong inferences about the people and objects around us.
  23. The type of bias people have depends on theirpersonality.
  24. Stereotypes are generalizations based on anindividual characteristic.
  25. At work, two job attitudes that have the greatest potential to influence how      we behave are:
  26. Job satisfaction and job commitment
  27. Organizational justice can be classified into three categories:
  28. Procedural, distributive and interactional
  29. Exit interviews are often conducted by:
  30. Human resources representative
  31. Rather than to actual behaviors, attitudes are more strongly related to:
  32. Intentions
  33. Organizational commitment is the unemotionalattachment people have toward the company they work for.
  34. Personality and values play lesser roles in howemployees feel about their jobs than other job characteristics.
  35. Under the psychological contract, an employeemay believe that if he or she works hard and receives favorable performanceevaluations, he or she will receive an annual bonus.
  36. The amount of stress present in a job is relatedto employee satisfaction and commitment
  37. Research shows that fitting in with a companyculture is a strong predictor of job performance.
  38. Personality is a modest predictor of actual job performance, but a much better predictor of:
    Citizenship behaviors
  39. Companies may deal with work/balance reasons for absences by giving employees all of the following EXCEPT:
    More training programs to improve time management
  40. In jobs with high complexity, it is not criticalto have high “g”.
  41. Age is not necessarily related to the frequencywith which we demonstrate citizenship behaviors
  42. Research reveals a consistent link betweenpersonality and absenteeism
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