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  1. Diffusion
    When gas particles in the air are far apart e.g. spray of perfume
  2. Pressure
    Millions of small collisions of particles against its container, the more particles the more pressure
  3. Heating Air Pressure
    When heated particles move faster and push harder so the pressure goes up, if it gets to high it can burst
  4. Conduction
    When heat travels through solids
  5. Convection
    When heat travels through liquids and gases.
  6. Radiation
    Only way heat travels through empty space, and is carried by infra-red waves
  7. Radiation Test
    Filling black and white cans with hot water to see which one stays hottest for the longest
  8. Conduction Test
    Melting wax on metal rods to see which metal best conducts heat
  9. Convection Current Test
    Heating dried beans in a beaker of water on one side and observing the movement of the beans
  10. Conductor
    • Metals are good conductors
    • Solids are better than liquids which are better than gases
    • Gases are poor because the particles are¬†more spread out
  11. Insulator
    • Wood and plastic are good insulators
    • Contain trapped air
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