Chemical Reactions

  1. Compound
    Pure substance with a unique set of properties that cannot be seperated by physical process only by chemical
  2. Mixture
    Non pure substance that has variable properties and can be seperated with a physical process
  3. Element
    Pure substance that has a unique set of properties and can never be broken down
  4. Compounds ending in 'ide'
    When a metal is combined with a non metal
  5. Noble Gases
    Do not usually form compounds because they are stable/unreactive because their outer shell is full
  6. Physical Change
    A change in the appearance of a substance but it is still the same and are often reversible e.g. melting a candling
  7. Chemical Change
    • A change that makes a new chemical with different properties and are irriversible e.g. burning paper
    • Occurs when theres a change in colour, temperature, dissolving, bubbles/fizzing or a new substance is formed
  8. Law of Conservation of Mass
    When nothing is created or destroyed in a chemical reaction the mass of the reactants are the same as the mass of the product
  9. Hyrdocarbons
    • An organic compund of hydrogen and carbon and is a primary source of energy
    • In a solid it is ashphalt
    • When it burns it is petrolium or natural gases
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