Macromolucule Lab

  1. What reagent is used to test for for mono- & disaccharides?
    Benedict's Reagent
  2. What happens to Benedict's reagent in the presence of simple sugars?
    It forms a yellow, orange, green or red precipitate
  3. What reagent is used to test for starch?
    Iodine reagent
  4. What happens to iodine reagent in the presence of starch?
    The solution turns dark blue
  5. ___ ___ is used to test for proteins.
    Biuret Reagent
  6. Biuret reagent starts blue and then changes to what in the presence of proteins?
    Lavender or light violet
  7. Starch is a polysaccharide that. . . .
    Is made up of only glucose subunits
  8. Animals store glucose in ___ which is another form of polysaccharide.
  9. ___ is the most abundant carb in the world & makes up the ___ ___ of ___.
    • Cellulose
    • Cell Walls of plants
  10. How do we perform chemical hydrolysis in the lab?
    By heating molecules with acid in the presence of water
  11. What is an emulsion?
    Mix of proteins, carbs & lipids where the lipids occur in very small droplets dispersed throughout the water soluble portion
  12. Describe the process of clarification.
    Process used to separate lipids fr water-soluble protein containing part of a substance
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