Wordly Wise Book 7 lesson 4

  1. Accolade (n)
    • An expression of approval or respect for special merit; an award
    • Ex.
    • Knighthood is a high accolade given for services to the state in England.
  2. Adamant (adj)
    • Not yielding; firm
    • Ex.
    • I attempted to dissuade him, but he was adamant in his decision to join the army.
  3. Adulate (v)
    • To flatter or adminre excessively; to idolize
    • Ex.
    • In his time, Michael Jackson was adulated by many people in the world.
  4. Altercation (n)
    • A loud and determined dispute; a noisy quarrel
    • Ex.
    • An altercation broke out between two small children that had a mix up of their toys.
  5. Annals (n) (pl)
    A historical record of events, often arranged in an anual sequence.
  6. Assiduous (adj)
    • Diligent and persistent
    • Ex.
    • His assiduous personality kept him going during tough times.
  7. Chary (adj)
    • Exercising caution; hesistant
    • Ex.
    • Be chary ¬†about promises that you may not be able to keep.
  8. Clique (n)
    A small, exclusive group; a group held together by common interest or purpose.
  9. Decrepit (adj)
    • Worn-out with use; broken down
    • Ex.
    • The decrepit buildings were torn down in order to make room for modernized apartments.
  10. Endow (v)
    • To provide with quality. a thing, or a gift of money
    • Ex.
    • The charity funds were used to endow the poor and starving people across the world.
  11. Ephemeral (adj)
    • Lasting a very short time
    • Ex.
    • Astatine has an extremely ephemeral half-life; around 22 minutes.
  12. Ingratiate (v)
    • To work in order to gain the favor of somebody
    • Ex.
    • The student ingratiated himself with his teacher in order to get good teacher recommendations for high school.
  13. Pantheon (n)
    • A group of people held in high esteem for their achievements
    • Ex.
    • Albert Einstein is the most decorated in the patheon of great scientists.
  14. Perverse (adj)
    • 1. Turned away from what's right; wicked
    • Ex.
    • His perverse lifestyle cause him to be throw in prison numerous times.
    • 2. Stubbornly opposing what is right or reasonable; obstinate
    • Ex.
    • My brother has a very perverse attitude, for he refuses to do any work-related activities, and seems to wish to spend the rest ot his life minecrafting.
  15. Tutelage (n)
    • Instruction, protection, or guardianship
    • Ex.
    • Under the famed professor's tutelage, the student excelled in his studies.
  16. Morose (adj)
    • Gloomily or sullenly ill-humored, as a person or mood
    • Ex.
    • His morose way of living cause others to shun him.
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