Sudden unexpected Death

  1. Cardiovascular system deaths are _____% of the total unexpected natural deaths
  2. Respiratory system deaths are ____% of total unexpected natural deaths
  3. Central nervous system deaths are ___% of total unexpected natrual deaths
  4. Sudden and unexpected natural death in adults may account for up to ___% of the autospy caseload at the MEs office
  5. Is toxicology analysis required in all cases?
    yes it is! Need to determine died of a particular disease as apposed to died with a particular disease
  6. Sudden death
    • Occurs within minutes of onset of symptoms
    • often dead
  7. unexpected death
    May occur in individual with significant natural disease but the death was not expected at that time
  8. What are the three most common systems involved in sudden unexpected natural death
    • 1. cardiovascular system
    • 2. respiratory system
    • 3. central nervous system
  9. With atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease there is often _____history
    No history of previously diagnosed coronary disease
  10. in Atherosclerotic coronary artery disease symptoms may be:
    • indigestion or abdominal pain
    • back, shoulder or neck pain
    • antacid tablets commonly found at the scene
  11. ASCAD common findings
    • Most common is at least 1 coronary artery with at least 75% stenosis
    • Thrombosis in lumen of artery (less than 15%)
    • May or may not have: myocardial tissue damage- myocardial fibrosis, acute myocardial necrosis
  12. T/F The finding of severe atherosclerotic coronary artery disease rules out death due to other causes
  13. Cause of death of ASCAD
    Cause- cardiac arrhythmia due to severe atherosclerotic coronary artery disease or atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
  14. ASCAD mechanism of death
    • cardiac arrhythmia
    • ventricular fibrilllation
  15. Atherosclerotic disease of the aorta
    • destruction of aortic wall due to atherosclerosis
    • aorta may rupture- into body cavity or into pericardial cavity
  16. In disease of the aorta aortic dissection findings include blood from the lumen gains access to the wall of aorta through an ____
    blood separates the layers of the aortic call for a distance
    blood may rupture out at a site________________
    intimal tear

    distant from the tear of the intimal surface
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