Test 2

  1. Drug
    a substance not needed for survival or normal organism that effects living tissue.
  2. Psychoactive drug
    act on central nervous system and pass the blood brain barrior. Alter consciousness, mood, perception, and behavior. Fat (lipid) soluable
  3. Tennents of Pharmacology #1
    All drugs effect are dose dependent, magnitude, subjective experience-what it does and how it feels
  4. Tennents of Pharmocology # 2
    • All drugs have multiple effects- main and side effects, tolerance after repeated use: need more to product desired effects, tolerance to multiple effects at different rates.
    • withdrawel-unpleasant after effects-Drug/Blood level drop. opposite of initial effect, multiple
  5. Tennents of Parmacology
    All drugs are toxic. Damage internal organs, lethal-death, safety magin LDSO-median lethal dose / EDSO median effective dose
  6. Neurotoxicity
    damage brain cells
  7. Behavioral toxicity
    reaction time, learning, memory, perception, coordination
  8. Fate of a drug- Pharmoco Kinetics
    • How the drugs move through the body and effect
    • Faster -> Brain effects more intense and immediate, the faster leave the body - withdrawals more intense and more immediate. more lipid soluable. have + or - charge
  9. Absorption
    gets past skin into bloodstream-routes of adminsistration, efficiency, speed to brain and amount of loss can vary
  10. Topical-transdermal
    • thru the skin, slow steady, incomplete,
    • loss thru wash, perpiration, evaporation, embed in skin
  11. Oral
    • absorbed thru stomach or small intestine, faster than topical, incomplete,
    • loss thru-saliva, vomit, stomach acid, impact in food
    • effect stomach contents-slow or speed
  12. Rectal
    • lining of anus, faster more complete
    • loss thru-leaking, gas, bowel movement
  13. Sublingual
    • Under the tongue, as fast
    • loss slavia
  14. Intranasal
    • snort, mucus membrane, nasal cavities, faster
    • Loss-mucous, sneeze, cough, pass into lungs
  15. Dispositional tolerance
    drug slows its own absorption
  16. Inhalation
    • vaporized thru lungs, very fast, complete
    • loss injection
  17. IV injection
    • directly into the blood stream
    • complete and fastest
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