Roman contributions

  1. Contribution to Western Civilization and Mediterranean World was its:
    • development of Law:
    • Twelve Tables
    • ius gentium-- law of nations: applies to citizens and foreigners
    • ius naturale-- natural law: universal divine law derived from right reason
  2. In terms of play:
    • native playwrights:
    • Plautus: used plots from Greek New Comedy and infused Latin quality
    • Terence: playrights focused on subtle portrayal of character adn artistry of language
  3. By last century of Roman Republic:
    Greco-Roman civilization
  4. In the last century of the Republic:
    • Romans pruduced new poetry, more inclined to personal expression
    • - Catullus: adapted and refined Greek forms of poetry to express emotions/ infatuted with Clodia
    • - Lucretius: expounded Greek philosophy in form of poetry
  5. Sallust
    Roman historian, who established approach to historical studies that influenced later Roman historians
  6. Cicero
    • development of Roman prose aided by oratory
    • Cicero brought it to perfection
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