Physical Geology Ch. 6 Terms

  1. bed
    An individual layer of rock, especially sediment or sedimentary rock.
  2. Biochemical sedimentary rock
    Any sedimentary rock produced by the chemical activities of organisms.
  3. carbonate rock
    Any rock, such as limestone and dolostone, made up mostly of carbonate minerals.
  4. cementation
    The process whereby minerals crystallize in the pore spaces of sediment and bind the loose particles together.
  5. Chemical sedimentary rock
    Sedimentary rock made up of minerals that were dissolved during chemical weathering and later precipitated from seawater, more rarely lake water or extracted from solution by organisms.
  6. chemical weathering
    The decomposition of rock by chemical alteration of parent material.
  7. compaction
    Reduction in the volume of a sedimentary deposit that results from its own weight and the weight of additional sediment deposited on top of it.
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Physical Geology Ch. 6 Terms
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