Surgical Tech Certification

  1. 4 modes of contaminaiton
    • Airborne contaminants circulating over a sterile surface
    • Blood-borne pathogens
    • Non-sterile moisture droplets falling on a sterile surface
    • Physical contact between a momsterile and a sterile surface
  2. 5 sources of contamination from personnel
    • Clothes and shoes
    • Hair
    • Body piercings
    • Respiratory tract exhalations and secretions
    • Skin
  3. 4 sources of contamination from the patient
    • Circulating blood
    • GI tract body waste
    • Respiratory tract exhalations and secretions
    • Skin
  4. 2 environmental sources of contaminations
    • Articles used in the wound and over sterile field
    • Dust and air
  5. 6 purposes of positioning
    • Provides patient safety and comfort
    • Allows access to intravenous sites and anesthesia devices
    • Provides adequate exposure and access to the surgical site
    • Maintains body alignment
    • Provides adequate protection of neuromuscular structures and skin
    • Prevents injury
  6. Define supine
    Lies face up
  7. Define trendelenburg
    Supine position with bed tilted downward
  8. Define reverse trendelenburg
    Supine position with bed tilted so head is higher than feet
  9. Fowlers
    Supine position in a reclining chair angle
  10. Define lithotomy
    Supine position with thighs and legs in stirrups
  11. Define prone
    Face downward
  12. Define Kraske's
    Prone with table flexed at hips. AKA jacknife
  13. Define lateral
    Lies on unaffected side
  14. Define lateral kidney
    Lateral position with table flexed in the middle
  15. How many times per hour must air be exchanged in the OR?
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