Ocul disease-Cornea

  1. Vortex keratopathy
    -whorl-like epithelial deposits or opacitis in inferior epithelium caused by chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine (antimalarials) or amiodone (cardiac arrhythmia drug)
  2. Wilson Disease
    -hepatolenticular dengeration leading to copper deposits in tissues (including cornea at peripheral part of descemt's: greenish Kayser-Fleischer ring)
  3. Dellen
    • -localized corenal thinning or local dehydration of stroma
    • -treat with lubricants, blinking exercises
    • -severe: treat with bandage lens, patch
  4. Marginal Keratitis
    • -hypersensitivity to staph. Exotoxins (chronic staph blepharitis)
    • -treat with tobradex
  5. Roscaea keratitis
    • -inferior punctate epithelial defects, marginal keratitis and neovasc, corneal thinning and perforation possible
    • -treat: topical steriod (FML) antiobiotic ointment, lubricants
    • -LT treat: tetracycline, doxycycline
  6. Phlyctenulosis
    -hypersens rxn to bacterial antigen (esp. staph), white nodule in children
  7. Neuroparalytic (exposure) keratopathy
    • -poor wetting of ocular surface (amd mild interior punctate to severe ulceration) due to facial nerve palsy
    • -treat: lubricants, tape lids, surgery
  8. Vortex keratopathy
    • -whorl-like inferior epithelial deposits
    • -antimalarial (chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine), amiodorone cardia arrhythmia drug
  9. Wilson disease
    -hepatolenticular degeneration leading to cooper deposition in tissues (ie. cornea at peripheral part of descemets membrane (Kayser-Fleischer ring))
  10. Mucopolysaccharidoses
    • -inherited deficiency in mucopolysaccharide metabolism (Hurler's Syndrome)
    • -corneal depositis, skeletal anomalies, pigmentary retinopathy, ON atrophy (white, pale, grey)
  11. Arcus Senilis
    • -lipid deposits in stroma, not a concern
    • ->50yrs old Pt
    • -dislipidemia in younger Pt
  12. Vogt Limbal Girdle
    • -common, bilateral crescent shaped calcium depositis in nasal and temporal limbus
    • -not a concern, age-related degeneration
  13. Cornea Guttata
    • -common, focal accumulation of collagen on posterior Descemts membrane
    • (aka. Hassall-Henle bodies at periphery)
    • -not significant, sign of aging
    • -May be assocated with Fuchs dystrophy
  14. Band keratopathy
    • -deposition of calcium salts in anterior portion of Bowmans membrane that DISRUPTS VISION
    • -causes: chronic anterior uveitis, chronic severe keratitis, age, metabolic (elevated serum calcium), hereditary
    • -Chelation (epithelium removed), excimer laser (PTK)
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Ocul disease-Cornea