Consumer Beh ch 7

  1. Classifying Groups
    • membership
    • strength of social tie
    • type of contact
    • attraction
  2. Brand Communities
    can add value to the ownership of the product and build intense loyalty
  3. Types of Influence 
    • Informational
    • Normative
    • Identification
  4. Informational Influence
    watching others and learning
  5. Normative Influence
    do something so you don't get made fun of
  6. Identification Influence
    has internalized values of the group
  7. Communication within Groups
    • WOM (word of mouth)
    • Opinion Leaders
    • Market Mavens
  8. Opinion Leaders
    the go-to-person for specific info
  9. Market Maven
    go-to-person for everything
  10. Strategy to Generate WOM
    • Advertising
    • Product Sampling
    • Retailing/Personal Selling
    • Creating Buzz
  11. Online Strategies to Leverage Buzz and WOM
    • Viral Marketing
    • Consumer Review Sites
    • Blogs
  12. Innovation
    an idea, practice, or product perceived to be new
  13. Continuous Innovation
    little change required by purchaser (new type of tooth paste)
  14. Dynamically Continuous Innovation
    moderage change but happy to do so (switching from normal cell phone to smart phone)
  15. Discontinuous Innovation
    major changes are required (switching from paper book to kindle)
  16. Stages in Adoption Process
    awareness --> interest --> evaluation --> trial --> adoption
  17. Adopter categories
    • innovators
    • early adopters
    • early majority
    • late majority
    • laggards
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Consumer Beh ch 7
Consumer Beh ch 7