NUTR 775 10.1 vocab

  1. Honeymoon Phase
    after diagnosis pancreas Beta-cells start producing insulin again for a short period of time
  2. Insulin Sensitivity factor
    amount of insulin needed to return BG within the primal target range (the amount of BG (mg/dl) that is reduced by 1 unit of rapid or short acting insulin
  3. Dawn Phenomenon
    hyperglycemiain early morning caused by liver producing more glucose and increased need forinsulin
  4. Somogyieffect
    lowblood sugar followed by “rebound” high blood sugar
  5. Diabetic ketoacidosis
    buildupof ketones in the body that are excreted in the urine.  Caused by the inability to breakdown glucoseso fat is broken down for energy instead.
  6. Insulin:Carbohydrate Ratio
    = G or Carb at given meal/ # of units of insulin taken at that meal
  7. Whipple Triad
    • Hypoglycemia defined as:
    •     - low BG
    •     - symptoms of hypoglycemia at the same time as low BGLs
    •     - improvement of the symptoms by correction of hypoglycemia
  8. Postprandialblood glucose (PBG)
      measures amount of blood sugar (glucose) in blood after meal
  9. Glycosylated Hemoglobin
    HgbA1C reflects long term diabetic control of BG
  10. Correction Dose (factor)
    amount of insulin needed to bring BG to target level
  11. Total daily Insulin dose (TDD)
    daily dose of insulin needed (including basal and bolus doses)
  12. Endogenous insulin
    insulinproduced by one’s body
  13. Exogenous insulin
    insulin that comes from an external source
  14. Basal insulin
          amount of insulin needed to keep BG in target range
  15. Target blood glucose
      near as normal blood glucose that can be achieved without risk of hypoglycemia
  16. Bolus insulin
       amount of insulin needed pre-meal to cover food eaten in the meal
  17. Rule of 500
    Insulin:carbration = 500 / TDD
  18. Rule of 15
    Eat 15 grams of carb if BG is below 70 wait 15 minutes and check BG again.  If BG still less than 70 another 15 grams should be consumed until BG is 100
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