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  1. relevant to
    giving evidence that would prove or disprove something
  2. appropriate
    especially suitable or compatible with something
  3. specific to
    elated to a particular idea, situation, or group
  4. common to/typical of (synonyms)
    having essential characteristics of some group
  5. concrete (ant. abstract)
    abstract means naming an idea that is unrelated to an object, but concrete means naming a real and tangible thing (something you can see and touch)
  6. complex (ant. simple)
    simple means easy to understand or free of complications, while complex means difficult to understand or analyze
  7. quantitative (ant. qualitative)
    quantitative refers to ideas that can be measured or expressed with numbers, but qualitative refers to ideas that can't be expressed this way
  8. accurate (ant. inaccurate)
    correct and true in every detail
  9. significant (ant. insignificant)
    large or important enough to have an effect or to be noticed
  10. rough estimates (ant. precise data)
    not exact; not including all details
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Academic Writing Podcast 5.txt
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