Academic Writing Podcast 3.txt

  1. to discuss
    to talk about or investigate
  2. to investigate
    to study through close examination
  3. to consider
    to think about carefully or take into account
  4. to conduct
    to direct the operation or management of something
  5. to illustrate
    to make clear by giving an example
  6. to calculate
    to determine by mathematical processes or to design for a specific purpose
  7. to examine
    to inspect closely
  8. to identify
    to establish the identity of something or to recognize somebody/something and be able to say who or what they are; to find or discover somebody/something
  9. to support
    to assist or help
  10. to challenge
    to question whether a statement or an action is right, legal, etc; to refuse to accept something to dispute
  11. to provide
    to supply or make something available; to give something to somebody or make it available for them to use
  12. to establish
    to bring about or cause
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Academic Writing Podcast 3.txt
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