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  1. Pancreas
    • endocrine AND exocrine funtions
    • secrete enzymes (lipases, proteases, amylases) and bicarbonate
  2. Diseases of pancreas
    • interfere with digestion and absorption of nutrients
    • release enzymes that can samage the pancreas and surrounding tissues
  3. Pancreatitis
    • inflammation of infection of the pancreas
    • more prevalent in women than in men
    • affects people over the age of 40
    • associated with alcoholism or peptic ulcers in men
    • associated with gallbladder disease in women
    • three types: acute, chronic and pancreatic abscess
  4. Acute pancreatitis
    pancreatic enzymes (proteases and lipases) become activated and attack the pancrease (autodigestion)
  5. Chronic pancreatitis
    inflammation and scarring of tisue in the pancreas affects production of both lipases and insulin
  6. Pancreatic abscess
    • cavity of pus within the pancreas
    • develops in patients with pancreatic pseudocysts and are comprised of pancreatic tissue, enzymes and blood
  7. Potential causes of pancreatitis
    • local swelling
    • necrosis
    • hemorrhage
    • trauma
  8. Diagnostic procedures for pancreatitis
    • elevate dserum and urine amylase levels
    • elevated serum lipase levels
  9. Treatments for pancreatitis
    • pain medications
    • intravenous fluids
  10. Pancreatic cancer
    • adenocarcinoma
    • difficult to diagnose and treat
    • high mortality rate
    • occurs more frequently in men than women
    • 30% of cases attributed to cigarette smoking
    • other causes: industrial chemicals, diet, chronic alcohol abuse, chronic pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus
  11. Where pancreatic malignancies occur
    • head of the pancreas (most common, symptoms occur sooner due to proximity to common bile duct)
    • body of pancreas
    • tail of pancreas
  12. Symptoms of pancreatic cancer
    • weight loss
    • nausea
    • diarrhea
    • weakness
    • jaundice
    • malabsorption of fat
    • upper abdominal pain
  13. Metastization sites of pancreatic cancer
    • duodenum
    • stomach
    • liver
  14. Diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
    • laparoscopic biopsy
    • abdominal ultrasound/CT scan
  15. Treatment for pancreatic cancer
    • palliative therapy for jaundice or gastric obstructions
    • surgery
    • chemo
    • radiation
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