Shapes and Colors

  1. Red (-)
     Anger, rage, hate, resentment, frustration, violence
  2. Orange (-)
    Sexuality, confusion regarding boundaries in relationships, absorbing others' emotions, blocked creativity, parasitical relationships, patters of codependency, or beliefs about money.
  3. Yellow (-)
    Judgement, fear, worrying what others think of you, not feeling good enough, having a low will to live, not digesting life, or feeling incapable or weak.
  4. Green (-)
    Betrayal, sadness, desperate for love and approval, feeling abandoned or smothered, grieving, or mourning.
  5. Yellow Green (-)
    Being wishy washy, or having feeling of indecision, condemnation, judgment, bitterness or sarcasm.
  6. Blue (-)
    Blocked self-expression, being overly talkative or silent, misuse of will, unexpressed sadness or resentment
  7. Purple (-)
    Issues with God or other authority figures (mom, dad, etc.), spiritual or seperation issues, feeling judged, being judgmental of self or others, isolation, or being overanalytical or self-righteous. 
  8. Clear or White (-)
    Hiding, not wanting to be seen, covering up or not wanting to see the truth, self-deception, or pretending everything is okay.
  9. Pink (-)
    Unexpressed or blocking the flow of love.
  10. Brown (-)
    Feeling out of control or adopting negative behavious and coping mechanisms that bring control, underneath this is often fear.
  11. Black (-)
    Fear, evil, intense feelings, not understanding the lessons of life, repressed old emotions or blocked learning.
  12. Gray or Silver (-)
    Feeling confused or indecisive, having difficulty with things not being black or white, blocked female energy, a possible indication of heavy metals in the body, rigid thinking, hardness, or not being able to see self-worth.
  13. Gold (-)
    Feeling confused about male and female enervy, being unable to see self-worth, covering up shame, or needing to feed the ego.
  14. Crystal, prisms, diamonds, glowing balls of light. (-)
    Covering up negativity,trying to look angelic or overly sweet, or working hard to appear spiritual.
  15. Rainbows (-)
    The need to make everything look beautiful or covering up negativity or ugliness.
  16. Red (+)
    Love, passion, personal power, tribal connectedness, or feeling like you belong.
  17. Orange (+)
    Acceptance, creativity, clarity, experiencing a state of awe or wonder, seeing boundaries in relationhips, understanding personal resonsibility, or healing issues connected to money.
  18. Yellow (+)
    Joy, energy, trust, security, warmth, self-esteem, being open to new possibilites, or having enhanced capacity to digest new information, new experiences, love nourishment, or nurturing.
  19. Green (+)
    Feeling of approval or love, loyalty, acceptance, healing, or forgiveness.
  20. Yellow Green (+)
    Decisiveness or acceptance of self and others.
  21. Blue (+)
    Freedom of self-expression, open communication, or feeling like your will is in harmony with God's will.
  22. Purple (+)
    Feeling connected to spiritual self or God, feeling like you can trust others, being open to receive information from spiritual sources, or acceptance of self and others.
  23. Clear or White (+)
    Truth, light, intelligence, clarity, innocence or purity.
  24. Pink (+)
    Being open to giving and receiving love.
  25. Brown (+)
    Feeling in control of your life, feeling safe and protected, or feeling worthy of comfort.
  26. Black (+)
    Energy to brain, support for brain function, increased capacity to use intelligence more effectively, or feeling connected.
  27. Gray or Silver (+)
    Balance with female energy, feeling able to receive, the ablility to see someone else's perspective, feelings of self-worth, decisiveness or increased capacity for nurturing.
  28. Gold (+)
    Balance with male energy, integration of male and femle energy, feelings of self-worth, or open capacity to give.
  29. Rainbows (+)
    Connection of left and right brain, capacity to focus and concentrate, accepting, and receiving all the ways God show His love, or feelings of abundace.
  30. Crystals, Prisms, Diamonds, Glowing Balls of Light (+)
    Profecting the light from within, feeling the capacity to focus, or feeling a sense of great worth, radiance, clarity, direction, or peace
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