Ch. 14 Medication Flash Cards

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  1. What is activated charcoal? (pg. 475)
    a fine black powder that absorbs ingested poison and disposed via bowel movement.
  2. What does aspirin do? (pg. 476)
    • Given to the patient to prevent the coronary artery from completely shutting.
    • (usually given during chest pains or pain that relates to lack of O2 to the heart)
  3. What are inhaled bronchodilator? (pg. 476)
    medications that cause the bronchioles to dilate.
  4. What is a metered-dose inhaler? (pg. 476)
    a single inhaled medication that has beta-2 effects causing the bronchioles to dilate
  5. What is a small-volume nebulizer? (pg. 476)
    beta-2 specific medication that is mixed with oxygen or compressed air and turned into a vapor. This is then given to the patient through a T-tube over a period of several minutes.
  6. What is the difference between a meter-dose inhaler and a small-volume nebulizer? (pg. 476)
    • Meter-dose inhaler is delivered in one breath
    • small-volume nebulizer is delivered over several minutes
  7. What does nitroglycerin do? (pg. 476)
    nitroglycerin is a vasodilator. Increases the size of the veins.
  8. What does epinephrine treat? (pg. 477)
    allergic reactions (anaphylaxis)
  9. What are the common routes of administration of medication? (pg. 477)
    • sublingual
    • oral
    • inhalation
    • intramuscular injection
  10. What is sublingual administration method? (pg. 478)
    medication is placed under the tongue.
  11. What is intramuscular injection? (pg. 477)
    when a drug is injected into a muscle mass.
  12. What is the suspension form of medication? (pg. 477)
    drug particles that are mixed in a suitable liquid.
  13. What are the 6 things the EMT must know about a medication before administering it? (pg. 481)
    • Indications
    • contraindications
    • dose
    • administration
    • action
    • side effects
  14. What are the five rights in administration of medication? (pg. 484)
    • right patient
    • right medication
    • right route
    • right dose
    • right date (not expired)
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