ch 1 EMS systems

  1. What is Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)?
    Comprehensive legislation that is designed to protect individuals with disabilities against discrimination.
  2. What is continuous quality improvement (CQI)?
    A system of internal and external reviews and audits of all aspects of an EMS system.
  3. What is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?
    Federal legislation passed in 1996. Its main effect in EMS is in limiting availability of patients' health care information and penalizing violations of patient privacy.
  4. what is medical control?
    Physician instructions that are given directly by radio or cell phone (online/direct) or indirectly by protocol/guidelines (off-line/indirect), as authorized by the medical director of the service program.
  5. What is a medical director?
    The physician who authorizes or delegates to the EMT the authority to provide medical care in the field.
  6. Who is responsible for quality control?
    The responsibility of the medical director to ensure that the appropriate medical care standards are met by EMT-Bs on each call.
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