Ch 10 and 11 FF1

  1. Two person method of coupling hose
    Two FFs face each other holding a coupling. The FF with male looks away while FF with female end aligns coupling and tightens them.
  2. Triple Layer Load
    preconnected load. 2/3 of the length away from the hose bed make a fold, then make another fold to make a third layer. The layers are treated as one when loading the deploy grab the layer with the nozzle and walk it out on your shoulder.
  3. Hydrant Wrench
    tool used to operate valves on a hydrant and can also be used as a spanner wrench.
  4. Advancing Hoseline up a ladder
    • Can be done with charged and uncharged lines. Safest and best way is with an uncharged hoseline.
    • Charged: nozzleman puts nozzle under left arm, over right shoulder to back and climbs to 20 ft. Then next FF puts hose  over his left shoulder and follows up. Hose is tied down to ladder every 20 ft.
  5. Master Streams
    • aka heavy appliances. Non handheld water applicators capable of over 350+ gpm. four types.
    • Wagon pipe/ deck gun: permanently mounted master stream on engine
    • Deluge Set: not permanently mounted so it can be removed and operated from the ground or the engine.
    • Monitor pipe: permanently attached, prepiped waterway on an aerial device.
    • Ladder pipe: non permanently mounted device that needs a hoseline for a waterway on an aerial ladder.
  6. Fog nozzle psi
    • set volume nozzle runs at 100psi  and 60 gpm
    • new low-pressure nozzles can run at 50 or 75 psi
  7. Nozzle flow
    amount/volume of water that a nozzle will provide. Flow is measured in GPM (gallons per minute)
  8. Combination fire attack
    blend of direct and indirect attack. FF apply water to both the fuel and the atmosphere. Use a circular, Z, or T pattern. typical attack in structural firefighting.
  9. Construction of hose
    • two components: the hose and the couplings
    • rubber liners were added in the 1800's
    • 3 types of construction: wrapped, braided and woven
    • Wrapped: fabric or mesh material is impregnanted with rubber or plastic and wrapped around rubber liner
    • Braided: uses a yarn braided over the rubber liner with rubber/plastic layer separating it from the next layer.
    • Woven: rubber line with one or more outer layers called 'jacket' which is usually woven cotton or synthetic materials.
  10. What hose connects pump to hydrant?
    • Supply hose or LDH(large diameter hose)
    • 4,5, and some 6 inch variations.
    • NFPA requires engines to carry at least 800 ft. of 2 1/2 inch or larger supply line
  11. Single donut roll
    Fold hose on top of itself with female being 3 ft. longer than male end. The extra 3 ft. of female hose protects the male coupling. leave a small space in the center as a hand hold.
  12. Straight roll
    • aka storage roll
    • easiest to work with. can be done with damaged hose leaving male coupling outand knot tied .
    • lay hose all the way out. start with the male end rolling until the female coupling to protect the male coupling.
  13. Forward Lay
    • Engine stops first at the water supply to drop line then advances to fire location
    • preferred lay
  14. Wye
    • device that divides one hoseline into two or more
    • wye lines can be same size or smaller, and may or may not have a gate valve
  15. Fire stream
    • the extinguishing agent, usually water, that leaves the nozzles and flows torwards target, usually fire.
    • four elements effect fire stream- pump, water, hose, and nozzle
    • proper stream has sufficient volume, pressure, and direction to reach the target in desired pattern
  16. Cellar nozzle
    • also used... Bresnan distributors
    • used to fight localized fires in basements or cellars when a direct attack is not possible
    • cellar nozzle has four nozzles and Bresnan has six or nine
  17. Direct fire attack
    used to attack fire by aiming stream directly at seat of fire.
  18. Pressure
    • the force divided over an area expressed in psi
    • required to lift, push, or move water.
    • absolute pressure: measurement of pressure including atmospheric pressure measured in psi absolute
    • gauge pressure: measures pressure without atmospheric pressure
  19. Friction loss
    measurement of friction in a system, such as a hoseline
  20. nozzle pressure
    the pressure required to effectively operate a nozzle
  21. Small diameter hose gpm operation
    hose smaller than 2 1/2 inches flow from 100-250 gpm
  22. combination nozzle
    spray nozzle capable of creating a straight stream and spray patterns, adjustable by operator. most fog nozzles today are combi nozzles.
  23. solid stream nozzle
    • nozzle that delivers solid unbroken stream of water.
    • aka- solid tip, straight bore, smooth bore
  24. Indirect attack
    attack made on interior fires by applying fog stream into closed room converting water to steam to extinguish the fire
  25. hydraulics
    study of fluids at rest and in motion
  26. split lay
    used when fire and water source are in two different direction. one engine goes from point of intersection to fire the other to the water source
  27. advancing hose inside a building
    proper positioning of the engine. hoseline 1 1/2 inch or larger needed.ensure adequate hose at entry point. all FF on same side of hose. check door before entering room. bleed line before entering.
  28. eductor
    • aka venturi pump
    • moves fluid to create movement of another fluid. used in foam systems
  29. adverse conditions effecting stream
    • natural and man made
    • natural is wind, snow, trees, etc.
    • moving stream closer to target reduces these conditions
  30. A ____ hose roll is used when access to either or both couplings may be needed.
    single donut
  31. When a hoseline needs to be extended, firefighters can use the break-apart nozzle method or a ____.
    hose clamp
  32. ____, ____, and ____ are preconnect hose loads.
    minute man, triple layer, and flat
  33. What is the standard wildland hose load which provides ease of rolling and stretching the line, the convenience of carrying with the hands free, and protection for couplings?
    modified gasner bar pack
  34. application rate
    the amount of foam needed to extinguish a fire. It is expressed in gallons per minute per square foot.
  35. eductor
    A common foam proportioner which works on the venturi principle.
  36. ____ is the amount of water flowing from the discharge side of the pump.
    discharge flow
  37. Solid stream handlines can reach over ____ feet and master streams about ____ feet.
    70, 100
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