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  1. New Rome
    referring to Constantinople
  2. Visigoths, Vandals
    Germanic tribes: Visigoths- the Battle of Adrianople, Vandals- gained control of NW Africa and much of the Mediterranean.
  3. Huns
    Attila(the scourge of God), invaded Italy
  4. 476
    the fall of Western Roma Empire
  5. Theodoric
    King of Ostrogoths, he governed with the full acceptance of the Roman people, Constantinople, and Christian church.
  6. Byzantine Empire
    Eastern Roman Empire, capital: Constantinople(Byzantium)
  7. Justinian
    • The Emperor of Byzantine Empire of its peak.
    • The Corpus Juris Civils- Law
    • Reconquested in the West from German tribes
  8. Hagia Sophia
    super awesome, Church of the Holy Wisdom 
  9. Corpus Juris Civilis
    Body of civil law, the foundation for most subsequent European law; made by Justinian
  10. Cyril and Methodius
    brothers, St. Constantines; converted people to Roman Catholicism.
  11. Heraclius
    Emperor of BE; spent his entire reign resisting Persian and Islamic invations; he defeated the Persians but failed to defend against the Islamic.
  12. Leo III
    King of the Isaurian Dynasty, took Egypt and N Africa back from the BE.
  13. Battle of Manzikert
    the B.E. lost poorly against the Islams.
  14. Seljuk Turks
    after Manzikert, overrun Asia minor of B.E.
  15. Ottoman Turk, 1453
    captured Constantinople
  16. Islam
    New religion appearing in Arabia in the 6th century in response to the work of the prophet Muhammad
  17. Muhammad
    Prophet of Islam, founder.
  18. Qur'an
    Islamic holy book
  19. Muslim
    =submission. believers of Muhmmad's religion
  20. Ka'ba
    the birthplace of Muhammad and Arabia's holiest shrines
  21. 622: Hegira
    Muslims and Mohammed moved from Mecca to Medina because of the Arabians.
  22. ulema
    scholarly elite leading Islam, sort of a pastor
  23. Caliphate
    Office of the leader of the Muslim community
  24. Shi'a
    The "party" of Ali. They believed Ali and his descendants were Muhammad’s only rightful successors.
  25. Sunnis
    The Followers of the Sunna, “tradition:” They emphasized loyalty to the fundamental principles of Islam 
  26. jihad
    Muslim empire expanded vastly. 
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