LAW 308-7

  1. Defamation
    false communication that hurts anothers reputation
  2. Libel
    written or electronically transmitted defamation
  3. Slander
    spoken defamation
  4. Appropriation
    unauthorized use of a persons identity
  5. Intrusion
    unreasonable and highly offensive interference with the seclusion of another
  6. Public Disclosure of private facts
    highly offensive publicicty by of private information 
  7. False Light
    highly offensive and false publicity about another
  8. Misuse of Legal Procedure
    torts of malicious procecution, wrongful civil proceeding, and abuse of process that protect an individual from unjustifyable litigation
  9. Real Property
    land and anything attached to it
  10. Trespass to real property
    wrongfully entering on land of another
  11. Nuisance
    a nontrespassory interfereance with anothers use and enjoyment of land
  12. Personal Property
    an intentional exercise of control of anothers personal property
  13. Trespass to personal property
    an intentional taking or use of anothers personal property
  14. Conversion
    excersize of control over anothers personal property
  15. Interferance with contractual relations
    intentionally causing one of the parties to a contract not to preform
  16. Disparagement
    publication of false statements about anothers property or products
  17. Fradulent mmisrepresentation
    a false statement, made with knowledge of its falsity intended to induce another to act
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