LAW 308-5

  1. Rule Making
    process by which an adminisrative agency promulgates rules of law
  2. Legislative Rule
    Substanitive rules issued by an administrative agency under the authority delegated to it by the legislature
  3. Interpretive Rule 
    Statements issued by an administrative agency indicating how it construes its governing statute
  4. Procedural Rule
    rules issued by an administrative agency establishing its organization, method of operation and rules of conduct for practice before it
  5. Enforcement
    process by which agencies determine whether their rules have been violated
  6. Adjudication
    formal mehtods by which an agency resolves disputes
  7. Judicial Review
    acts as a control or check by a court on a particular rule or orderof an administrative agency
  8. Legislative Control
    includes control over the agency budget and enabling statute
  9. Control by Executive Branch
    includes the Presidents power to appoint members of the agency
  10. Disclosure of Information
    congressionally required public disclosure enhances oversight of agency
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