Week 5 vocab

  1. The names of people, places, things, ideas, or animals
    Proper nouns
  2. What is wrong in the story
  3. How the problem is resolved or fixed
  4. What the story is all about
    Main idea
  5. Behaviors that animals learn from their parents or other animals of their species
    Learned behaviors
  6. Body structures that allow an animal to find and consume food, defend itself, and reproduce its species
    Physical adaptations
  7. Those that happen naturally and do not have to be learned
    Instinctive behaviors
  8. Behaviors that the animals knows how to do. Examples are gathering food, hunting, migrating, raising young.
    Behavioral adaptations
  9. The value a number has depending on where it is located
    Place value
  10. The answer to an addition problem
  11. A sentence made up from numbers (also known as an equation, example is 7+3=10)
    Number sentence
  12. A graph that uses bars to represent data
    Bar graph
  13. Recognition and respect for people who served in the military (November)
    Veteran's Day
  14. Recognition and respect for those people who died while serving their country (May)
    Memorial Day
  15. Third president, wrote the Declaration of Independence, born in VIrgina
    Thomas Jefferson
  16. First president known as the father of our country on the dollar bill and quarter
    George Washington
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Week 5 vocab
Week 5 vocab