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  2. Glare on eyeglasses
    Reflets sur les lunettes
  3. n banner [ˈbӕnə]
    • 1 a military flag. bannière شِعار
    • 2 a large strip of cloth bearing a slogan etc Many of the demonstrators were carrying banners. banderole رايَه، عَلَم
  4. -------------------------------------
  5. In abstencia
    En l'absence de
  6. Mastermind
    Organiser, élaborer
  7. Blame
    Reprocher, blâmer, lama
  8. Radical
    Radical, motarrif, jadri
  9. Hand over
    Sallama, rendre
  10. *******1*******
  11. Patent
    Brevet d'invention
  12. Guilty
  13. Ban
  14. Owe
    Devoir, avoir une dette
  15. Willfully
    Bichaklin 3adi
  16. Slavishly
    Bichaklin khani3, bichaklin ghadi3
  17. Attorney
  18. Lawsuit
    Procès, Adda3wa
  19. Court
    Alma7kama, tribunal
  20. Claim
    Réclamation, revendication
  21. Infringe
    Khalafa, khara9a
  22. Largely
    En grande partie, largement.
  23. The président compaign
    Le président de la compagne
  24. Campaign
    • n : Campagne, 7amlaton intikhabiya, siyassiya
    • Vi : faire compagne pour qch, contre sch
    • Ya9omo bi7amla
  25. Staffers
    Membre de personnel
  26. Remark
    Remarque, mola7ada
  27. publication
    Publication, 2almanchour
  28. Tribute
    Expression of praise, thanks etc : jizya, thana2- hommage
  29. Praise
  30. Those
  31. Quote
    • 2i9tabassa, citer,
    • I quote passages from inspirational books when giving advice to friends
  32. Sustain
    Supporter, soutenir
  33. Lay down
    • Sacrifier ou déposer
    • Soldiers lay down their lives to protect their country
  34. Boston globe
    The name of à newspaper
  35. Contest
  36. Essay
    Essai; ma9al
  37. Battelground
    Sa7ato alma3raka, sa7ato al9ital
  38. Polls
    • nmp : Les bureaux de vote, urnes
    • n : sondage
  39. Overwhelm
    • Submerger ; yaghmoro : he was overhelmed with work/ grief
    • Ecraser ; sa7i9, 3adim : an overhelming victory.
  40. Willing
  41. Stand up
    V : Defend against attack exp. He stood up for his friend.
  42. ------------------------------------
  43. Duty station
    Markazo al3amal, lieu d'affectation
  44. Pride
    Orgueil fakhr
  45. Unveil
    • Verb : 2azala 2assitar; inaugurer, dévoiler; "he unveiled his latest artwork at the exhibit".
    • The prime minister was asked to unveil the plaque on the wall of the new college".
  46. Brand-new
    • Adj : tout neuf, marka jadida.
    • "Apple unveiled the brand-new iPhone 5 yesterday, and it's got Apple fans in a frenzy".
  47. Blogger
    A person who keeps and updates a shared online journal : " food bloggers know exactly what cuisine to feature in their sites ".
  48. Leak
    • Tassarrob 2al ma3lomat.
    • To give secret information to someone or to the public:"the military prevents any top secret information from leaking."
  49. Fan
    • Mo3jab,
    • A person who likes and admires someone or something: " My friends and i are fans of exotic food and wines ".
  50. Frenzy
    • Jonoun, thawaran, 2ihtiyaj.
    • She waited in a frenzy of anxiety.
    • Frenziedly : bijonoun, bikhabal.
  51. VOA 60 WORLD: Chinese Forces Conduct a Landing Drill (24 Sep 12)
  52. claimed
    • -to take something that belongs to you or that you deserve : "he claimed his suitcasses at the baggage counter"
    • يُصَرِّحُ أنه المالِك
    • -prendre quelque chose qui vous appartient ou que vous méritez
    • -"an area claimed by china and japan" :
    • "une zone revendiquée par la Chine et le Japon" :
    • منطقة يطالب بها الصين واليابان
  53. drill
    • [chinese forces conducting a landing drill : procéder à un exercice d'atterrissage]
    • 1- to make (a hole) with a drill He drilled holes in the wood; to drill for oil. يَثْقُب
    • 2- (of soldiers etc) to exercise or be exercised The soldiers drilled every morning.يَتَدَرَّب
  54. abuse
    • []
    • v abuse [əˈbjuːz]
    • 1 to insult or speak roughly to She abused the servants. يَشْتُم، يُهِين،يَذُم
    • 2 to use wrongly, usually with harmful results She abused her privileges by taking too long a holiday. يُسِيء إسْتِعْمَال
    • adj  aˈbusive [-siv]using insulting language He wrote an abusive letter to the manager. بَذِيء، مُهِين
    • adv aˈbusively بِبَذَاءَة، بِإهَانَة
    • n  aˈbusiveness بَذَاءَة، إهَانَة، إعْتِسَافيَشْتُم، يُهِين،يَذُم
  55. resignation [ˌrɛzɪgˈneɪʃən] n
    • (from job, post, office) → démission f
    • to tender one's resignation → donner sa démission
    • to announce one's resignation → annoncer sa démission (= acceptance) → résignation f
  56. bullfighting [ˈbʊlfaɪtɪŋ] n
    • (= entertainment) → courses fpl de taureaux
    • I'd ban bullfighting → J'interdirais les courses de taureaux.
    • the tradition of bullfighting → la tradition de la tauromachie
  57. Motivate Employees with Blended Learning
  58. Blended Learning
    Motivate Employees with Blended Learning : Motiver les employés avec l'apprentissage mixte
  59. aheadadv ahead [əˈhed]
    • [How to always stay two steps ahead]
    • (often withof) in front; in advance He went on ahead of me; We are well ahead (of our rivals). en avant (de)
  60. smoothadj smooth [smuːð]
    without problems or difficulties a smooth journey; His progress towards promotion was smooth and rapid. سَلِس، بِدون مَشاكِل
  61. astonished
    étonné مذهول
  62. Skeptical
    • sceptique [sɛptik] qui ne croit pas   معتنق مذهب الشك ,يرتاب
    • having or expressing doubt about something: "I am skeptical about ghosts because I haven't seen one."
  63. relizes
    • 1 to know; to understand I realize that I can't have everything I want; I realized my mistake. يُدْرِك، يَفْهَم
    • to understand or sense something: "She realizes how valuable money is these days."
  64. standard
    • un modèle standard نموذج ثابت
    • widely accepted as usual or normal: "This car has the standard features you would expect."
  65. Moreover
    additionally or also: "Moreover, the problem discussed will worsen if we don't help."
  66. quizzes
    a short spoken or written test: "I had a lot of quizzes today at school."
  67. alongside
    • جنبا إلى جن,  بجانب
    • next to or together with someone or something: "My friend was driving his car alongside ours on the highway."
    • le long de
  68. Webinars
    • webinaires
    • an educational presentation done online: "I am taking webinars about creating apps."
  69. VOA 60 World: Syrian Rebels Push Assad Forces out of Aleppo (01 Oct 12)
  70. probation [prəˈbeɪʃən] n
    • (LAW) → liberté f surveillée
    • to put sb on probation [+ offender] → mettre qn en liberté surveillée
    • to be given two years' probation [offender] → être condamné(e) à deux ans de liberté surveillée
    • to be on probation [offender] → être en liberté surveillée probation order, probation service
    • (in employment) (= period) → période f d'essai
    • on probation [employee] → à l'essai
    • (RELIGION) → noviciat m, probation f
  71. Diver
    • someone who goes or works underwater using special equipment: "The diver collects oysters for pearls."
    • diver → غطاس, plongeur
  72. cliff
    a high steep rock, especially one facing the sea. جُرف، :  falaise : مُنْحَدَر  ,صَخْري
  73. diving
    • to swim deep under water with an air supply: "The children enjoyed diving and looking for shells."
    • diving → الغوص , plongée
  74. flood
    • 1 a great overflow of water If it continues to rain like this, we shall have floods. : inondation : طوفان، فَيَضان
    • 2 any great quantity a flood of fan mail.   سَيْلٌ من، عدد هائِل من  déluge
    • v
    • to (cause something to) overflow with water She left the water running and flooded the kitchen. , : inonder : يُغْرِق، يَغْمُر
  75. fraud
    • he use of dishonest ways to cheat another person: "That diet book is a fraud because I gained more weight."
    • 1-(an act of) dishonesty He was sent to prison for fraud. خِداع، إحْتيال، غِش
    • 2-a person who pretends to be something that he isn't That man is not a famous writer, he's a fraud. خَدّاع، غَشّاش، مُزَوِّر
  76. VOA 60 WORLD : Hong Kong Marks China's 63rd Founding Anniversary (02 Oct 12)
    Cleric,incumbent, forward, write off, bunch, responsibility, gunning for, leader, rebel, cleric, mark, base on.
  77. cleric
    • a member of the clergy in any religion: "He entered the monastery and met a cleric."
    • ecclésiastique
  78. incumbent
    currently holding an office: "Barack Obama is the incumbent president of the United States."اراك أوباما هو الرئيس الحالي للولايات المتحدة.
  79. forward
    • 1 moving on; advancing a forward movement.
    • مُتَقَدِّم2 at or near the front The forward part of a ship is called the `bows'. امامي
    • adv
    • 1 (alsoˈforwards) moving towards the front A pendulum swings backward(s) and forward(s). إلى الأمام
    • 2 to a later time from this time forward. وصاعِدا، غلى الأمام
    • n (in certain team games, eg football, hockey) a player in a forward position.لاعِب هُجوم
    • v
    • to send (letters etc) on to another address I have asked the post office to forward my mail. يُحَوِّل الرساله إلى bring forward
    • 1 (alsoput forward) to bring to people's attention; to cause to be discussed etc They will consider the suggestions which you have brought/put forward. يُقَدِّم، يَقْتَرِح
    • 2 to make to happen at an earlier date; to advance in time They have brought forward the date of their wedding by one week. يُقَدِّم
  80. Write off
    • to consider to be lost, hopeless or unimportant: "We have to write off our worries to succeed in the task."
    • "yajibo an la nahtamma wa an la noubali " عدم المبالاة والاهتمام
  81. Bunch
    • a large number of people, places, or things : "There's a bunch of papers and other stuff on my desk."
    • a number of things fastened or growing together a bunch of bananas. باقَه
    • v (often withuportogether) to come or put together in bunches, groups etc Traffic often bunches on a motorway. يَتَجَمَّعُ، يَزْدَحِمُ
  82. responsibilty
    a job or duty that you must do: "It is everyone's responsibility to conserve energy and water."
  83. gunning for
    to try to achieve something in a very determined way : "She is gunning for a promotion next year."
  84. leader
    someone or something that guides or is in charge of others: "World leaders will attend an international peace conference."قائد
  85. The History of US Presidential Debates
  86. illinois /ɪlənɔɪ/
    a state in the USA
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