Chap. 6 Berman

  1. Primary prevention-
    Secondary prevention-
    Tertiary prevention-
    • -Health promotion and illness prevention
    • -Diagnosis and tx
    • -Rehabilitation, health restoration, palliative care
  2. Goals of healthy people 2020 by USDHHS
    • -increase quality/years of healthy life
    • -achieve health equity and eliminate health disparities
    • -create healthy environments for everyone
    • -promote health and quality life across life span
  3. palliative care- providing comfort and tx for symptoms
  4. Public health service (PHS) of USDHHS is official agency at federal level with functions of conducting research and providing training in the health field, assisting communities in planning and developing health facilities, and assisting states and local communities through financing and provision of trained personnel
  5. CMS- centers for medicaid and medicare services
  6. Medicare- originated in 1965, known by title 18 in social security act; provides national/state health insurance for older adults;  divided into parts: part A is available to people w/ disabilities and those 65 and over -provides insurance towards hospitilization, home care, and hospice care; part B is voluntary and provides partial coverage of outpatient and physician services to people eligible for part A; part D is the voluntary prescription drug plan (started Jan 2006);...most clients pay monthly premium for parts B and D coverage;...all medicare clients pay deductible and coinsurance or percentage share of about 20% of govt. approved charge, 20% paid by client, rest by govt.; medicare doesn't cover dental care, dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aids, exams to prescribe and fit hearing aids, preventive care such as phys. exams or diagnostic tests; 1997 balanced budget act allowed annual screening mammograms for women over age 40 to be covered fully under medicare
  7. Medicaid- established 1965 under title 19 of social security act; is federal public assistance program paid out of general taxes to people who require financial assistance; paid by federal and state govts.; varies by state- some provide very little coverage while others provide dental care, eyeglasses, and Rx
  8. 1978- Rural health clinics act provided for the development of health care in medically underserved rural areas which opened door for NP's to provide primary care
  9. Supplemental security income (SSI)- available to persons w/ disabilities or who are blind; also available for those who don't qualify for social security and payments are not restricted to health care costs
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