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  1. Educational strategy in which a teacher encourages a student's discovery of truth by questions (knowledge is virtue/truth lives within one's mind)
    Socratic method
  2. Who is associated w/discussions of philosophy through dialogues/theory of spiritual "forms/ideas" that exist in a utopia where elite kings rule over society (universal concepts & truth)
  3. Whose teachings can be regarded as a synthesis in universal, spiritual forms, & a scientist's belief that each animal, vegetabe, & mineral is undeniably real and that the hest good is a virtuous life governed by reason.  He felt that purpose of education was intellectual, virtous, & state mandated.
  4. Roman associated with empiricism, concern for individual differences, interesting learning & psychology of education?
  5. Roman associated with graduate college education (law, medicine, architecture, & mathematics)?
  6. What era is known as the Dark Ages/Doom of Catholicism (church/state)?
    European Middle Ages
  7. Deacon under Charlemagne that started Cathedral schools & introduced the methods of English learning (7 liberal arts) into schools, systematized the curriculum, raised the standards of scholarship, and encouraged the study of liberal arts for the better understanding of spiritual doctrine
  8. "Rediscovering" Roman & Greek writings in the Middle Ages
    Revival of Learning
  9. Catholic scholar that convinced the church to use reason to seek the will of God & harmonized church doctrines w/ philosophy & education.
    Thomas Aquinas
  10. What university is associated with finding lost writings of the ancient Greeks/Romans resulting in the regrowth of intellectualism in the Middle Ages?
    Oxford University
  11. What era is associated with humanistic scholars, classical studies, moral learning & child development?
  12. Who is associated with the belief that an individual has the right to interpret the bible for him/herself and that education should be for both sexes controlled by the state?
    Martin Luther
  13. Catholic priest that created Jesuit "teacher" training to counteract reformation and sent Jesuits to all Spanish colonies?
    Ignatius of Loyola
  14. What era is known as the "age of reason" as it was an intellectual revolt against superstition/ignorance and is associated with the "common man?"
    Modern Period
  15. Who is associated with the belief that each child is natural and is corrupted by man, male-only education for the upper class?
  16. Who is associated with using objects & sensory perception training & treated students with love & kindness?
  17. Who is associated with creating kindergarten for all?
  18. Who is associated with the "science of teaching" using steps to follow to formalize the structure of teaching?
  19. What 3 types of education delivery coexisted in the colonie?
    • Private
    • Public
    • Homeschool
  20. What key issues in education influenced whether a child was educated & the type of education they would receive?
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Income
    • Geography
  21. What was the purpose of education in New England?
    Religious (Puritan)
  22. Primary schools in early colonial era in which students were homeschooled by well respected women for a fee in the women's own homes?
    Dame schools
  23. Latin term meaning "in place of the parents" where a teacher assumes the responsibilities of the parents during school hours.
    in loco parentis
  24. Massachusetts colony law requiring teachers in towns of 50 families or more & that schools be built in towns of 100 families or more.  Children must be taught to read so that they can read the Bible and thwart Satan. (fee based/precursor to Public School Education model)
    Old Deluder Satan Law
  25. Classical secondary school with a Latin/Greek curriculum for wealthy white boys to prepare them for college
    Latin Grammar School
  26. What was the first American college to prepare ministers?
  27. What region of colonies had port cities with an ethnic population that used education for establishing global trade/manufacturing (precursor to Private and Public education models)?
    Middle Colonies
  28. When were slaves in plantation households in the southern colonies educated?
    • Household slaves for specific purposes
    • Field slaves were prohibited to be educated
  29. Females that informally taught reading/writing in the rural community led to/precursor to...
    • Home Schooling Model
    • "Separate But Equal" court rulings
  30. Yesterday/Today:  Colonial experiences established many of today's educational ________.
  31. The colonial experience highlighted many of the persistent __________ points challenging schools today.
  32. The purpose of schooling changed from religious purpose and elitism to emerging ___________.
  33. What founding father was first associated with making education more widely available to WHITE children of all classes from classics to practical skills needed in a changing society?
    Thomas Jefferson
  34. Private or semipublic secondary schools in the U.S. (forerunner to modern American high school) that were free of religious influence and offered a variety of practical subjects including math, astronomy, athletics, navigation, gramatics, & bookkeeping (available to all).
    Franklin Academies
  35. Public, tax-supported school first est. in Massachusetts whose purpose was to create a common basis of knowledge (moral values/practical curriculum) for children to promote democratic ideals (open to all).
    Common School
  36. Major advocate of the common school movement for free, universal public education
    Horace Mann
  37. Proponents of common school movement argued that free, universal public education would accomplish what?
    • Better educated workforce
    • American values/cultures to immigrants
    • Reduce social disharmony bet/ rich and poor
  38. What issues did opponents to common schools have?
    • Religion role
    • Child labor would decrease
    • Tax money
    • Authority may be questioned
  39. Institutions created to train teachers during common school period; many expanded to become today's colleges/universities.
    Normal schools
  40. NEA formed committe, influenced by college presidents to reform the nation's high schools resulting in an academically-oriented curriculum geared for college and created the Carnegie unit as a measure of progress through H.S. curriculum.
    Committee of Ten
  41. Credit awarded to a student for successfully completing a H.S. course; it's used in det. grad requirements and college admissions
    Carnegie Unit
  42. Educational philosophy/movement that emphasized democracy, student needs (whole child), practical activities, & school-community relationships
    Progressive Movement
  43. Schools associated w/teacher preparation institution for practice teaching, demonstration, research or innovation
    Laboratory Schools
  44. Who was a leading advocate of progressive education and author of Experience and Education?
    John Dewey
  45. According to the tenets of progressive education, the most effective learning strategy involves the teacher identifying student _______________ and building on them.
    Needs & Interests
  46. Study that indicated the effectiveness of progressive education with data evidencing that progressively educated students outperformed traditionally educated college students.
    Eight-Year Study
  47. Report that declared the lack of academic rigor in American schools putting the nation at risk with respect to competition w/other nations.  The report called for fewer electives and more emphasis on academic subjects, including increased graduation requirements.
    A Nation at Risk
  48. A Nation at Risk led to ___________, federal mandates, and massive testing.
    No Child Left Behind
  49. Colonial era:  Who opened the Troy Female Seminary, devoted to preparing professional teachers thus provididing a higher teacher education program for women years before the first normal school was founded?
    Emma Hart Willard
  50. Victorian era:  Which member of Harvard's medical faculty believed that too much education would leave women with "monstrous brains and puny bodies...flowing thought and constipated bowels?"
    Dr. Edward Clarke
  51. Provision of the 1972 Educational Amendments that prohibits sex discrimination in any educational program receiving financial assistance.
    Title IX
  52. 1896 Supreme Court decision that upheld that "separate but equal" was legal and that the races could be segregated.  It was overturned by 1954 Brown vs. The Board of Education of Topeka.
    Plessey v. Ferguson
  53. School desegregation progressed rapidly as a result of ...
    The Civil Rights Act
  54. High school dropout rate is hightest for which ethnic group?
  55. Which immigrant group often faces racial & religious intolerance in schools and in society?
    Arab Americans
  56. What are the 5 Asian-American groups mentioned in our outline?
    • Chinese
    • Filipino
    • Asian Indian
    • Japanese
    • Southest Asian (Vienamese)
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