Anatomy I Test 2

  1. List four Functions of the Skin
    • 1 -        acts as a protective covering to the body
    • 2 -        helps to regulate body temperature
    • 3 -        serves as a bed for sensory nerve receptors
    • 4 -        helps to eliminate certain body wastes
  2. List at least four Factors that influence skin color:
    • 1 -        amount of pigments present in the skin
    • 2 -        amount of blood in the superficial capillaries
    • 3 -        state of health of the individual
    • 4 -        age of the individual
    • 5 -        climatic conditions which may affect the individual
  3. albinism (or albino)
    absence of melanin cells
  4. Epidermis
    the outer (external) primary layer of skin.  It is composed of Epithelial tissue.
  5. melanin cells
    the brownish-black pigments of the skin
  6. Freckles
    due to concentrations of melanin.
  7. Hair
    outgrowth of the epidermis
  8. hair follicle
    cylindrical cavity containing
  9. Integumentary System
    the skin and its appendages
  10. Cutaneous Membrane
    a misnomer for the skin, actually comprised of two different types of tissues
  11. the root, the shaft
    extends above the surface
  12. Nails
    finger and toe nails, are specialized epidermal cells
  13. Dermis
    the inner (internal) primary layer of the skin.  It is composed of Connective tissue.

    Dermis contains the small blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerves.
  14. Sebaceous Glands - Oil Glands
    they secrete sebum, and are usually associated with the hair
  15. Sudoriferous Glands - Sweat Glands
    they secrete sudor, and are found on most body surfaces
  16. Ceruminous Glands - "Ear Wax Glands”
    they secrete cerumen which helps to protect the ear canal
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