The Prince, by Machiavelli

  1. who wrote "the prince"?
    Machiavelli. His writing was solely influenced by his direct experiences with Florentine,Italy politics and history
  2. what are the main issues discussed in "the prince"?
    the main value/theme is the importance of one to understand the world in a "realistic vs. the way the world should be" perspective
  3. Generosity vs. stinginess
    too much generosity- will lead to destruction of well being of self- spend all money simply to be recognized as "generous"
  4. this reading focuses on..
    trying to get across the importance of finding the "middle ground" or "equal balance" between two polar different ways of living.
  5. what are the two ways of fighting?
    • 1. laws>> belongs to humans
    • 2. forceful>> belongs to beasts

    In order to be the "winner" of the fight, you MUST use a perfect balance between both of these ways of fighting. If you only use one or the other, you with ultimately fail
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