RMA Administrative

  1. When scheduling and confirming travel arrangements for the physician, the medical assistant would get which of the following from the travel agent?

    D. itinerary 
  2. The recorded financial transactions in a bookkeeping or accounting system are called 

    E. posting
  3. Which appointment scheduling technique determines the number of patients to be seen each hour by dividing the hour by the length of the average visit?

    D. cluster 
  4. Which of the following filing steps includes ensuring that the appropriate people have taken action on a document before filing it?

    D. conditioning 
  5. Another name for a reminder file is a(n)

    D. supplemental file 
  6. Which of the following terms refers to the rules or guideline that dictat day-to-day workings of the medical office?

    A. guidelines 
  7. The portion of salary held back from payroll checks for paying government taxes known as 

    B. withholding 
  8. In a letter written in block format, the salutation is folliwed by a 

    C. colon 
  9. Another name for a PC or personal computer is a 

    E. microcomputer 
  10. Which of the following are the dimensions of the envelope size most frequently used in office correspondence?

    C. four and half inches by nine and a half inches 
  11. Account aging receivable

    A. is not necessary in a single-physician office 
  12. A system used in emergency centers but not used in private practices is 

    C. cluster scheduling 
  13. Appointments that are anticipated to require more time should be scheduled 

    E. at the beginnging of the hour 
  14. For a tickler file to work effectively, it must be 

    E. checed frequently 
  15. The "write-it-once" is a bookkeeping system also known as 

    A. balance sheet
  16. Word processing is an example of a(n)

    D. input device
  17. A spreadsheet is a type of 

    C. input device 
  18. First-class mail is classified as 

    C. items weighing 13 ounces or less
  19. In written communication, no matter what form is used, the most important issue to take into consideration is:

    E. legal and ethical issues 
  20. Which of the following does NOT refer to a managed care organizational model?

    E. double entry system 
  21. Which of the following terms refers to a document or other date saved on a computer?

    E. file 
  22. Which of the following options describes the best way to fold a business letter to fit a standard size envelope?

    E. fold the bottom third up first and fold the top third down
  23. When revising the policies and procedures manual, the medical assistant needs to first 

    D. talk to fellow employees 
  24. Leaving large, unused gaps in the physician's schedule is 

    D. underbooking 
  25. The correct order of filing units for Anise K. Strong-Morse (Mrs. Adam H. Morse) is 

    A. Strong-Morse, Anise K.
  26. What should the medical assistant do if a patient misses an appointment?

    B. schedule another appointment for the patient but patient must confirm 
  27. Referrals to outside physicians or specialists must be entered into the 

    B. medical records 
  28. Which of the following is a trial balance?

    E. accrual accounting
  29. A new patient must provide all of the following information except 

    C. occupation 
  30. For a medical office to run smoothly, each employee must 

    E. read th epolicies and procedures manual 
  31. Which insurance carriers would the medical assistant enter into the database?

    D. medicare and medicaid only
  32. Checks and cash form a medical practice should be deposited in the bank 

    C. weekly 
  33. The type of scheduling where patients arrive at their own convenience is 

    C. time speicifed 
  34. When a patient receives a referral from his or her PCP to see a speciailist, the referral is given 

    C. verbally in the office
  35. SOAP refers to 

    B. method of documentation used in medical records 
  36. When transcribing material from recorded dictation, what should the medical assistant do if a word is unclear?

    B. guess which word the physician intended and insert it
  37. Cycle billing is a system of billing 

    D. completed every fourth month
  38. The term "software" means 

    C. portable hardware
  39. It would be appropriate to send which of the following to a patient via email 

    E. diagnosis
  40. When the medical assistant makes an appointment, to ensure she has the correct information, she should 

    D. say, "Thank you" before hanging up
  41. Which of the following items facilitates communication in the medical office?

    C. tickler file 
  42. How often should the policy and procedures manual be updates?

    D. every month
  43. When preparing business correspondence, the first stop is to 

    E. choose a letter format
  44. A modem is 

    C. cursor 
  45. Before scheduling an appointment with a specialist, the medical assistant must 

    D. determine the day and time the procedure must be performed
  46. The process of converting descriptions of diseases, injuries and procedures into numberical designations is termed 

    C. coding
  47. Which of the following forms of documentation makes it easiest for the physicians to follow a patients progress and treatment?

    A. typed process note 
  48. Which of the following choices describes time specified scheduling?

    E. one appointment is made for every hour 
  49. Which of the following actions should the medical assistant take if a medical record is misplaced?

    E. duplicate the information 
  50. Which postal class would the medical assistant use to send a monthly newsletter to all patients in the practice?

    D. second class
  51. The term "debit" means

    C. charge
  52. The body of an email communication should 

    D. provide all available background information on the topic
  53. Under which of the following systems are two patients scheduled for the same appointment time?

    A. double booking
  54. Referrals are given to which of the following patients?

    C. HMO insurance patients who need to see a specialist 
  55. Computers are used in the medical office to 

    E. schedule appointments 
  56. The billing schedule is often determined by 

    E. the number of physicians in the group
  57. All money owed by the practice to other businesses is called 

    A. accounts payable
  58. The most impotnt piece of equipment in the medical office is the 

    E. paper shredder
  59. Flexible office hours occur most often 

    C. in group practices 
  60. POMR is the abbreviation for 

    A. patient-oriented medical record
  61. Petty cash may be used 

    A. for paying minor incidental expenses 
  62. After opening the mail, a medical assistant should 

    C. put it asie until the patients are gone 
  63. When removing a medical chart form the file cabinet, which of the following items should the medical assistant put in its place?

    D. a sticky note 
  64. When a patient has to cancel an appointment, the medical assistant should

    D. try to reschedule the appointment 
  65. Which of the following items is a collection of records created and stored on a computer?

    A. database 
  66. The motherboard of a computer is 

    D. the main circuit board 
  67. The patient pays a copayment 

    E. before being seen by the physician 
  68. Which of the following is the most secure way to mail something through the United Stated Postal Service?

    B. registered mail
  69. The pegboard system provides control over 

    A. collections, payments and charges 
  70. The medical assistant shoul answer the telephone 

    D. by the third ring
  71. If the medical office has a patient who is always late for appointments, the best time to try to book this patient is 

    D. right after lunch
  72. Wave scheduling works best when used in which of the following types of offices? 

    E. urgent care facilities 
  73. Which of the following systems divides the patients of a practice into groups and bills each group at a different time of the month?

    B. account aging 
  74. How frequently should the medical assistant renew oncall repair service contracts?

    D. every year
  75. On an envelope, the return address for the sender should always be places in the 

    E. upper left corner 
  76. Which of the following terms refers to the actual daily recording of the accounts or business transactions of the medical office? 

    E. account receivable 
  77. The physical components of a computer system include all of the following except:

    D. software 
  78. Which is the easiest and least experience type of billing for a health service facility?

    D. superbill at time of visit 
  79. It is recommended that old appointment books be kept for 

    D. ten years 
  80. A charge slip is also known as a(n)

    C. claim
  81. When scheduling the medical assistant should ask the patient the purpose of the visit 

    D. to determine how much time is needed for the appointment
  82. In the ambulatory care setting, the postal class likely to be used most frequently is 

    A. first class
  83. The claim form that is accepted by most insurance carriers is a(n) 

    D. HCFA-1500
  84. The information entered on claims is called 

    C. demographic information
  85. Which part of a letter indicated the greeting from the sender?

    B. signature
  86. Which of the following is NOT  a section of the CPT book?

    A. evaluation and management
  87. Which of the following types of incoming mail should the medical assistant attend to first?

    A. priority mail 
  88. Which of the following statements is NOT true about a typical purchasing procedure in  a medical office?

    D. every employee can order supplies and write a check from petty cash 
  89. Lack of payment is usually not considered serious until after 

    C. 120 days 
  90. Which of the following methods is used to correct an error in a patients chart?

    C. draw a single line through the error and make the correction above the error
  91. Which type of check is frequently used for payroll because it itemizes the purposes of the check and deductions?

    E. certified check
  92. It will be most difficult to collect past due accounts from 

    A. a person having financial hardships 
  93. Which of the following systems bills all accounts at the same time each month?

    E. monthly billing 
  94. The medical assistant should ensure the physician has room for which of the following each day?

    E. emergency booking 
  95. In which of the following locations should medical file drawers be labeled?

    A. on the outside of the drawer
  96. The policies and procedures manual would include 

    A. dress code 
  97. Which of the following documents is the record of a professional meeting?

    E. agenda
  98. Which of the following should NOT be included in a job description?

    A. address of office 
  99. A physical inventory of office equipment should be taken 

    B. every year
  100. Examining a document for damage before filing it comprises which of the following filing steps?

    B. condtioning
  101. A mediul size computer that can handle multiple uses is a 

    D. minicomputer 
  102. The purpose of records management includes which of the following?

    E. all of the above 
  103. Which of the following are important attributes of an effective receptionist?

    E. all of the above 
  104. A restrictive endorsement is when 

    C. the payee direts how the check is to be made payable 
  105. The purpose of medical coding includes 

    A. all of the above 
  106. An insurance policy clause that restricts the overpayment of benefits when an insured has more than one policy is called 

    E. coordination of benefits 
  107. Which of the following factors should be considered when scheduling a meeting?

    E. all of the above 
  108. Which of the following is considered a peripheral?

    B. monitor 
  109. Checking for and repairing damaged documents is part of what step in the fiing process?

    C. conditioning 
  110. Which of the folowing visitors should be immediately announced and escorted to the physician's office?

    B. physicians 
  111. Which of the following documents is prepared when money is places in an account 

    a. check 
    b deposit ticket
    c. bank statement
    d. debit memo
    e. credit memo
    b. deposit ticket 
  112. All of the following coding systems are associated with medical procedures EXCEPT 

    C. ICD-9-CM
  113. An insurance company that sels or administers an insurance contract is also known as the 

    A. carrier 
  114. A typed list of the items to be discussed during a meeting is called the 

    A. agenda 
  115. All of the folloqing are input devices EXCEPT the 

    E. printer 
  116. All of the following indexing rules are tre EXCEPT 

    E. initials come after complete names 
  117. Which of the following represents improper telephone techniques?

    A. answering a call with "please hole"
  118. MICR stands for 

    B. magnetic ink character recognition 
  119. The ICD of ICD-9-CM stands for 

    E. internationa classification of diseases 
  120. Contractual clauses that identify additional coverage beyond what is standard are called 

    D. riders 
  121. The minutes of a meeting typically do not include which of the following 

    D. salutation 
  122. All of the following are considered secondary storage devices EXCEPT 

    C. modem
  123. A filing system that organizaes items chronologically for action when the date arrives is called a(n)

    E. tickler file 
  124. A check may be dishonored for which of the following reasons?

    D. A B and C 
  125. Which of the following ICD-9-CM codes might require an External cause code (E code)

    C. 890
  126. A method of generating ideas without judgement or criticism is 

    E. brainstorming 
  127. Which of the following is considered softward?

    C. wordperfect 6.0
  128. A mail classification that includes books and manuscripts is 

    C. special fourth class
  129. Which of the following calls should be transferred to the physician?

    A. patients expressing problems associated with treatment or medication
  130. When completing the check register, all of the following information is recorded EXCEPT 

    E. the date the check is expected to clear
  131. Which of the following ICD-9-CM codes refer to factors that influence health status?

    B. v-codes
  132. Which of the following is funded by both federal and state revenues?

    A. medicaid 
  133. All of the following are part of the management process EXCEPT

    D. reporting 
  134. Which of the following is not considered a part of the data processing cycle?

    A. informing 
  135. All of the following are considered the closing part of the letter EXCEPT the 

    E. salutation 
  136. Which of the following actions would not be taken when speaking to an angry caller?

    A. project a disrespectful tone 
  137. Which of the following information is typically not shown on the bank statement?

    C. names of the payees paid during the period
  138. Which of the following diagnoses would be coded as indcated?

    E. definitive poliomyelitis
  139. Which of the following programs is available to active duty military dependents?

  140. Leadership is best described as 

    A. the process of working with and through people to achieve organizational objectives willingly 
  141. The process of activating the input of the operating system into main memory best describes

    C. booting 
  142. When a letter requires a second page, the following information is typed in which order near the top of the second page?

    D. recipients name, page number, date 
  143. Which of the following conditions has the highest emergency priority?

    D. cessation of breathing 
  144. All of the following items are subtracted from the bank statement during reconciliation EXCEPT

    C. outstanding deposits 
  145. CPT stand for 

    A. current procedural terminology 
  146. Which of the following commonly serves as a fiscal intermediary for the medicare program?

    B. Blue Cross/ Blue shield 
  147. An employees ability to properly perform a task is a function of 

    D. all of the above 
  148. The process of loading the software instruction onto the hard disk is called 

    E. installing
  149. Which of the following persons is NOT authorized to prescribe medication?

    C. licensed practical nurses
  150. If a medical assistant is reporting normal lab results and cannot reach the patient, what should be done?

    D. call back the next day
  151. Many medical practices utilize a color coding system. What is NOT true of a color coding system?

    D. this is seldom used in medical record but frequently used for other office files
  152. According to CLIA regulations, how often are moderate and high complexity labs evaluated?

    A. every 2 years
  153. The normal range of a potassium test is

    a. 13.2-17.3 g/dL
    b. 3.5-5.0 mEq/L
    c. 135-148 mEq/L
    d. 70-110 mg/dL
    3.5-5.0 mEq/L
  154. The normal range of male hemoglobin

    A. 13.2-17.3 g/dL
  155. The normal range of normal sodium

    A. 135-148 mEq/L
  156. The normal range of normal glucose

    A. 70-110 mg/dL
  157. A physician in the group has made a comment that a patient has a pneumothorax. The medical assistant knows that this is

    B. a collapse of the lung due to nonpatent lung (bleb) or trauma
  158. What means loss of hair?

    A. alopecia
  159. What means difficulty with speech expression?

    C. aphasia
  160. What means vascular reaction to certain foods, drugs, infection, or emotional stress?

    a. aphasia
    b. urticaria
    c. amenorrhea
    d. alopecia
    b. urticaria
  161. What means the absence of menses?

    a. aphasia
    b. urticaria
    c. amenorrhea
    d. alopecia
    c. amenorrhea
  162. Of the following, what is the second step of the accounting process?

    C. record daily transaction
  163. The accounting process 7 steps :
    • 1. review source document
    • 2. record daily transactions
    • 3. post information from journal
    • 4. adjust accounts for changes not already recorded
    • 5. close expenses and revenue accounts
    • 6. prepare trial balance
    • 7. accounting statements prepared
  164. When preforming a physical exam, the abbrevation for PERRLA is used to describe what part(s) of the body?

    B. eyes
  165. PEARRLA means
    pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accomdation.
  166. The smallest piece of information processed by acomputer is the 

    E. bit 
  167. Which of the following would be indexed first?

    B. Alice A. Wilson 
  168. The person most likely to handle equipment purchases is the 

    E. office manager 
  169. A signature card must be completed to 

    E. deposit funds in a bank
  170. A direction to consider additional codes is 

    D. see also
  171. An organizational arranement that provides medical services for a fixed, prepaid fee best describes 

    E. HMO 
  172. Integrating the various resources to meet organizational objectives is known as 

    E. coordinating
  173. The process of activating the input of the operating system into main memory is known as 

    A. booting 
  174. Which of the following would be indexed last?

    C. Alfred O. San Luis 
  175. When a pharmaceutical representative arrives unanounced, it is best to 

    D. request a business card and see it the physician is available for a visit
  176. Special characters that simplify the sorting and routing of financial documents are 

    C. MICR 
  177. The underlined portion of : Hypertension (orthostatic, benign, simple) identifies a(n)

    D. nonessential modifier 
  178. An insurance policy designed to pay fees not covered by conventional plans is a 

    C. companion plan 
  179. An employee's ability to perform a task is a function of all the following EXCEPT 

    D. commitment 
  180. The process of organizing a blank disk into sectors so that it can store data is known as 

    B. formatting 
  181. Which of the following would be indexed first?

    D. Karen Lane 
  182. Ideally, the phone should be answered before the 

    B. second ring 
  183. Which of the following most characterizes an ABA number?

    E. 17-7000/2910
  184. A term after the brace (}) indicates 

    D. a required modifier of the statement before the brace 
  185. AOB means 

    B. assignment of benefits 
  186. An employee's willingness to perform a task is a function of all of the following EXCEPT 

    B. performance 
  187. A key that moves the cursor to the left, right, top, or bottom margins when pressed is the 

    B. home key
  188. Annual reaports are best filed using a(n)

    a, alphabetical system 
    b. subject system 
    c. geographic system 
    d. numerical system 
    e. terminal digit system 
    b. subject system 
  189. A check that a bank refuses to pay is 

    B. dishonored
  190. Brackets ([ ]) in ICD-9-CM are used to enclose 

    C. synonyms, alternative words, or explanatory phrases
  191. A fixed, prepaid fee per person enrolled in a managed care program is a(n)

    C. capitation 
  192. Close suspension of an employee is most required when the employee is 

    A. unable and unwilling 
  193. A blinking dash or small rectangle that identifies where on the computer screen data will be entered 

    E. cursor 
  194. The best method of controlling charts removed from the office is with a(n) 

    C. borrowed charts log 
  195. All of the following is typically recorded on a telephone message EXCEPT 

    A. caller's demographic data
  196. A personal record of relevant information regarding a check and checking account balance is a 

    D. check register 
  197. After locating a code in ICD-9-CM Volume II, the MA should

    A. verify the code in Volume I 
  198. The person or party designated by the policyholder to receive the value of a policy is 

    D. beneficiary 
  199. Delegating the authority and responsibility for completing a task is most effective when the employee is 

    D. able and willing 
  200. The number of characters contained within an inch is the 

    C. pitch
  201. The most common color coding filing system color codes the 

    E. patients surname 
  202. The MA's telephone voice should convey all of the following EXCEPT 

    D. disinterest 
  203. Carbonless copies of checks use a special paper known as 

    E. NCR paper 
  204. According to ICD-9-CM coding conventions, amlignant hypertension is 

    E. a severe form with vascular damage 
  205. Title 18 of the Social Security Act best decribes 

    A. medicare 
  206. Goals developed and documented by employees themselves are 

    B. work plans 
  207. Which of the following permits the pringting of identical information at the top of each page?

    B. header 
  208. A simple method to check the accuracy of a postal scale is to see if one ounce is displayed when weighing 

    B. 9 pennies 
  209. When dialing direct, the caller dials 

    B. 1 + area code + seven-digit number 
  210. A check that has honored and appropriately stamped to prevent it from being reissued is a(n)

    E. cancelled check 
  211. A CPT modifier that identifies bilateral procedures is 

    A. -50 
  212. Title 19 of the Social Security Act best describes 

    E. medicaid 
  213. All of the following are devices used to manage one's  time EXCEPT a 

    A. directory 
  214. The last paragraph line appearing alone at the top of a page is a(n)

    D. widow 
  215. Mail inadvertently opened should be 

    E. resealed with tape with the notation "opened in error"
  216. The long distance directory assistance number is 

    A. 1 + area code + 555-1212
  217. The bank statement shows a balance of $4,250, deposits in transit total $1,200, and outstanding checks that equal $300. The check register balance should be 

    A. $5,150
  218. Which CPT modifier indicated that multiple modifiers have been assigned?

    E. -99
  219. Which of the following is most likely eligible for Medicaid?

    E. persons receiving Supplementary Security Income (SSI) for the aged and disabled 
  220. When interviewing job applicants, all of the following should be considered EXCEPT 

    E. social afflilations 
  221. A predefined computer setting that is automatically loaded with each new document unless changed by the user is the 

    C. default
  222. Upon receiving checks in the mail, the MA should first 

    C. restrictively endorse them 
  223. The time zone difference between California and New Jersey is 

    E. three hours 
  224. An organizations ability to pay its debts is known as 

    A. solvency 
  225. According to CPT coding conventions, term after a semicolon (;)

    C. is part of, or clarifies, main term 
  226. Which of the following is the universal claim form developed by HCFA?

    C. HCFA-1500
  227. Which of the following interview questions is illegal?

    A. "Do you have any children?"
  228. An index of files on a disk is known as the 

    D. directory 
  229. Documents that have the important information highlighted have been 

    E. annotated 
  230. WATS stands for 

    D. Wide Area Telephone Service
  231. The property of value owned or controlled by an organization is known as 

    C. asset 
  232. All of the following are E/M descriptors EXCEPT 

    C. laceration repair 
  233. EPSDT stands for 

    E. Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment 
  234. Orientation of new employees serves to 

    a. impact the philosophy and mission of the organization 
    b. identify performance expectations 
    c. provides a protected period of time to learn a new job 
    d, assess the employees skills and learning needs 
    e. all of the above 
    e. all of the above
  235. The computer command that organies data alphabetically or numerically in ascending or descending order is 

    B. sort 
  236. The class of mail delivery of books and manuscripts of at least 24 pages is 

    E. special fourth class 
  237. An effective answering service is necessary to avoid 

    D. abandonment charges 
  238. All of the following are common users of a clincs accounting information EXCEPT 

    D. patients 
  239. According to CPT coding conventions, complexity of medical decision making is based on all of the following criteria EXCEPT

    C. the cost of diagnostic or management services 
  240. If treated, physicians must accept assignment on all of the following patients EXCEPT 

  241. Which of the following purposes is most in line with assigning a new emloyee a preceptor?

    A. to help the new employee neavigate through the system
  242. A computer application that allows multiple applications to operate simultaneously is a 

    C. windows 
  243. First class mail that is insured is 

    B. registered mail 
  244. The appointment scheduling system should reflect the needs of 

    E. A and C only 
  245. Funds legally remove from a practice for personal use is often classifeid as 

    B. drawing 
  246. Existing CPT codes are represented by HCPCS

    A. level I 
  247. When preparing the universal claim form for the electronic transmission, it should be typed using 

    A. pica 
  248. New employee orientation may consist of all of the following EXCEPT 

    A. refernce check 
  249. The software program that permits rapid calculations applied to a table of numerical data is 

    B. spreadsheet
  250. "Dear Mrs. Smith:" is an examle of 

    E. salutation 
  251. When scheduling appointments, all of the following should be considered EXCEPT 

    A. the location of the clinic 
  252. An accounting document that records all daily transactions is a 

    D. journal 
  253. Which of the following codes best characterizes a HCPCS Level II code?

    B. V4995
  254. COBRA requires that government claim forms and attachments be maintained for at least 

    D. 6 years 
  255. The most appropriate progressive discipline action following a written warning is 

    A. a temporary suspension
  256. The data entered into a spreadsheet comprising alphanumeric characters primarily used as column and row headings is known as the 

    C. label 
  257. "Dear Mrs. Smith:" demonstrated 

    D. mixed punctuation 
  258. A different color ink is commonly used when recording appointments to denote 

    A. new patients 
  259. A financial statement that summarizes revenue and expense for a specified period is the 

    B. income statement 
  260. Which of the following codes best characeterizes an E/M code?

    C. 99400
  261. Which of the following should be treated as the payer of last resort?

    C. medicaid 
  262. Which of the following flight arrangement cannot be made by a travel agent?

    C. aisle seating assignment 
  263. Cell A3 is located at 

    A. column A, row 3
  264. Reference notation comes right after the 

    B. signature line
  265. Pica pitch consists of what number of charcters per inch?

    B. 10 
  266. The number of lines separating the inside address and the salutation is 

    A. 2
  267. Scheduling the number of patients that can be seen in one hour based on the average appointment time describes the 

    D. wave system 
  268. The bank is also known as the 

    E. drawee
  269. Which of the following would require an ICD-9-CM code?

    D. glossitis 
  270. A purchase agreement provision that covers the cost of repair due to faulty design or manufacturing 

    C. warranty 
  271. The tab key allows one to 

    E. move the cursor a predetermined number of spaces to the right 
  272. Open punctuation refers to 

    B. placing no punctuation after the salutation 
  273. All of the following should be considered when scheduling appointments EXCEPT 

    B. day of the week 
  274. The bank statement shows a balance of $4,050.00. Outstanding deposits total $1,025.00 and outstanding checks total $700.00. The checkbook balance should be 

    B. $4,375.00
  275. All of the following would require a CPT code EXCEPT 

    B. artherosclerosis
  276. The meeting chairperson is reponsible for which of the following?

    E. all of the above 
  277. What number of lines of text represent one inch?

    E. 6
  278. The acronym "bc" indicated 

    B. a copy has been sent to a third party without the original party's knowledge
  279. Scheduling patients with similar diagnoses, treatments, or needs within a specified time frame describes 

    B. grouping (clustering)
  280. Categorizing accounts according to the number of days the account is past-due describes 

    A. aging accounts receivable 
  281. A health care entitlement program for the indigent that is funded by both state and federal monies but is administered by the state is

    C. medicaid 
  282. Protocol regarding who reports to whom within an organization's hierarchy

    D. chain of autority 
  283. The keyboard keys most commonly used with fuction keys (F1-F12) are 

    C. (b) or (d)
  284. Semiblock described a letter format where 

    A. the first line of each paragraph is indented five spaces 
  285. To mitigate potential legal difficulties, appointments should be recorded in 

    A. indelible ink 
  286. A medical assistant who is compensated every other Friday is being paid

    E. biweekly 
  287. An amount that is paid on an insurance contract prior to the payment of benefits 

    C. deductible 
  288. A gratuitous payment for professional services for which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set 

    A. honorarium
  289. In word processing, to reproduce a portion of text and transport it to another section of the document describes 

    D. cut and paste 
  290. Which of the following comprises the opening of a letter?

    A. inside address 
  291. When is it 2:00 P.M in Minnesota, it is ____ in georgia. 

    D. 3:00 pm 
  292. A property or right owned by a business defines

    B. asset 
  293. A prepaid health plan that emphasizes health prevention and promotion 

    C. HMO
  294. The amount of supplies used as a buffer while awaiting receipt of additional supplies 

    B. safety stock 
  295. The instructional code that directs the computers data processing activities is the 

    D. software 
  296. The fastest mail service is 

    B. express 
  297. Pharmaceutical representatives are also known as 

    C. detail persons 
  298. If the employee has 7.51% social security tax withheld, the employer must contribute 

    D. 7.51%
  299. In ICD-9-CM coding, an idented term that alters the code of a related main term is 

    E. subterm modifier
  300. When hiring a new employee, the MA should consider all of the following EXCEPT 

    B. marital status 
  301. All of the following are output devices EXCEPT 

    C. mouse 
  302. Letters marked "personal" should be 

    D. routes directly to the addressee
  303. Directory assistance for out-of-state phone numbers is 

    C. 1-area code-555-1212
  304. An income statement is also knwon as a 

    D. profit and loss statement 
  305. An amount the insurance company remits to the patient for claimed services 

    E. reimbursed fee 
  306. In preparing for air travel, luggage should be checked in at least ___ hours(s) before scheduled take-off.

    D. 1.0
  307. Which of the following is associated with computer memory?

    1. ram 
    2. keyboard
    3. ROM 
    4. floppy disk 
    1 and 3 are correct 
  308. Which of the following forms of mail/correspondence is typically handled by the medical assistant?

    1. fee payments 
    2. subscription renewals 
    3. promotional literature 
    4. telegrams 
    1, 2 and 3 are correct 
  309. Characteristics of the receptionist that impact a patients impression of the clinic are 

    1. attitude 
    2. etiquette 
    3. appearance 
    4. professionalism
    all of the above 
  310. The elements of the basic accountin equation include 

    1. owners equity (capital)
    2. assets 
    3. liabilities 
    4. revenue 
    1, 2, and 3 are correct 
  311. The purpose of medical coding include 

    1. classification 
    2. tracking 
    3. evaluation 
    4. standardization
    all of the above 
  312. A job description usually includes all of the following EXCEPT

    1. job title 
    2. to whom the position reports to 
    3. job duties 
    4. payroll guidelines 
    4 is correct 
  313. Which of the following are input devices?

    1. mouse 
    2. keyboard 
    3. graphic tablet 
    4. scanner
    all of the above
  314. The most common method(s)of filing medical charts 

    1. subject 
    2. alphabetical
    3. geographical 
    4. numerical
    2 and 4 are correct
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